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Caroline Felicia D’Almeida

Pulled between UAE and India, Caroline Felicia D'Almeida likes her meat that way too. An avid believer in value for money, she loves putting the world of food to a layman's test. Having covered socio-political and cultural beats before, she's attempting to discover food through the lens of accessibility. Someday, she hopes to eat all the street food the world has to offer.

Bolognese with tempayy? Why not?

Mumbai, say Hello Tempayy!

Vegetarianism isn’t boring, and Hello Tempayy’s finally made its way to Mumbai, Maharashtra to set that record straight. Paneer in every colour of gravy possible can get boring after a while. For…

10 of the best whiskey cocktails you'll ever try

11 whiskey cocktails perfect to celebrate World Whiskey Day

The alco-bev industry loves its celebrations, and the third Saturday of May is best known for being World Whiskey Day. It’s the perfect dram-a-day, all on World Whiskey Day this year! The…

Celebrate the day of cocktails in style this year!

No such thing as too many cocktails

How many of these cocktails recipes using the choicest premium liquor can you whip up this World cocktail day? It’s almost World Cocktail Day, and I’m sure you’ve noticed we’re staying on…

Coffee never tasted this good, but now you have 8 new recipes to explore

8 punchy coffee recipes by ¡Tierra! for any kind of mood

Made with as many as 20 types of blends by ¡Tierra! – here’s a list of coffee beverage recipes that’ll have you up for days! Healthy honey coffee smoothie Ingredients A shot…

Chez oi patisserie is just the thing for dessert lovers in mumbai

Fancy meets feel good at Chez Oi Patisserie

Desserts can be fancy, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have to be fun. And that’s the philosophy Chez Oi Patisserie swears by! Love stories often have sweet endings, and for Oishi…

It's the season of summer and delicious mango recipes!

10 mango-nificent recipes perfect for the season

From salads to savoury mains, cocktails to non-alcoholic beverages, there’s a delicious mango recipe for everyone here! Food Pork Belly Salad at Salt Water Café by Chef Gresham Fernandes, Culinary Director at…

10 of the most popular drinks you'll find in korea

10 of the most popular drinks you’ll find in South Korea

While not all of these might be traditional, or even native to South Korea, you’re sure to spot these drinks aplenty while there! Traditional Korean beverages can be roughly classified into alcoholic…

Recipes for a perfect wholesome easter meal

The best recipes for a wholesome Easter meal

Easter eggs aside, there are several modern and traditional dishes to be indulged in for a truly special meal. Roast Chicken and Broth Spiced Veggies by Fresh Catch   Ingredients  Chicken, thigh and…

Easter recipes from fairmont jaipur

Spruce up Easter with two delicious recipes by Fairmont Jaipur

Easter’s right around the corner, and this post-pandemic one is about to be extra special with two delicious recipes! A traditional Easter may be incomplete without a range of eggs, but there’s…