This restaurant is unabashedly gunning for you to visit Dobaara

Located in Phoenix Palladium, Mumbai, Dobaara is a place for you to unwind and have as merry a time as you please!
Dobaara's interiors are a cross between a jazz bar and jungle.
Dobaara’s interiors are a cross between a jazz bar and a jungle.

‘Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.’ This is one of several giant quotes plastered across the dimly lit walls of Dobaara. So you know you’re in for an interesting experience.

The restaurant is elegant in some spots and a little more GenZ in others, but there’s definitely a lot to take in. With an increasing number of restaurants employing speech and hearing impaired staff, it’s heartwarming to see Dobaara following suit. Accessibility is a crucial issue oft ignored by most establishments, and the employment of disabled staff may well pave the way for important conversations. 

However, a restaurant will only remain as strong as its menu. And Dobaara doesn’t disappoint. It’s a cuisine-agnostic curation of comfort foods, with enough interesting and familiar items to keep you coming back (pun intended).

My new favourite thing to do at places is let the servers and/or chef pick the meal, especially when the menus are large. We started with what ended up being my favourite item, the Poutines. Ordering fries is perhaps where my inner gourmand thrives the most, preferring a certain kind of steak cut double-fried over all others.

Dobaara's poutines are a must-try item on the menu! Image: unsplash.
Dobaara’s poutines are a must-try item on the menu! Image: Unsplash.

So digging through the Pulled Lamb poutine was an immensely satisfying experience. The fries didn’t go soggy for the longest time, and all the toppings made the dish immensely fun. The cheese wasn’t synthetic, the lamb tender, and the seasoning absolute perfection. 

Another surprising favourite was the Daikon Radish Cake. Cubed and tossed with mushrooms, Thai bird chillies, and crispy garlic, this dish won’t let you drop your fork. It’s a healthy portion for two, and is one of those side dishes you expect to see at home but elevated. Our bowl was done before the servers could get back with the next dish! 

The daikon radish cake will have you reaching into the bowl dobaara.
The Daikon Radish Cake will have you reaching into the bowl dobaara.

One of the specialities at Dobaara are their pides, which are definitely made to share. It’s deceptively filling, and bursting with melty warm cheese. The bread itself is so light and airy, you know this is someone who knows what they’re doing! We got the Chorizo and Onions pide, and I’ve never enjoyed the vinegary taste of the Goan sausage as much as against the cheese and onions here. They make a bold claim to have perfected the Turkish dish, and they don’t fall short! 

There are other interesting bread-centric options here, including Georgia’s Khachapuri, and the Middle Eastern Börek. But I have to underline how filling everything so was, completely preventing us from exploring as much as we’d have liked to. 

Dobaara's cocktail menu is fun and experimental.
Dobaara’s cocktail menu is fun and experimental.

The comfort food aside, Dobaara’s is first and foremost – all about letting loose. So the cocktail menu is understandably bomb. We tried the Paloma and Spiced Whiskey Sour, with the former falling a little short and tasting rather one-dimensional. The Spiced Whiskey Sour was perfection though, more than making up for any faults. 

If I had one gripe, it would the limited dessert section. While it was refreshing to see a healthy number of non-chocolate options, the Coconut Mousse didn’t really deliver. The raspberry jelly and sable breton are good additions, but the lack of texture overall makes for one slimy, squishy bite. Which isn’t the most appealing. 

That aside, Dobaara is well on its way to becoming a popular hang for the city. It’s one of those rare spots where the food is as good, if not better than the drinks, without compromising on a fun vibe. Want to get turnt? Don’t want to get turnt? Whatever you want to do, Dobaara will have you doing it again! 

Overall rating: ⭐⭐⭐ (Max: 5 stars)

Food: /10

Drinks: 8/10

Service: 9/10

Interiors/Décor: 8/10

Vibe: 8/10

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