TD Conversations: The F&B sector has undergone major changes, a revolution, according to the Lone Wolf team

There’s a new entry on the market for those who like their cold ones. But it’s going to take a true Lone Wolf to embrace this one.
Arijit gosh (vp sales) at lone wolf.
Arijit Gosh (VP Sales) at Lone Wolf.

What’s better than cracking a cold one at the end of a long day? Or sharing one with the boys? Or simply kicking it back over a weekend and treating yourself to a brew? Hardly anything. Except maybe exploring Lone Wolf.

Offering a premium drinking experience for those who like their beers strong, Lone Wolf is the newest entrant on Delhi’s beer-fueled radar. While they definitely have some interesting offerings, there’s a lot more to the brand. They’ve ticked all the boxes when it comes to a good craft beer, and are intent on creating a counter-culture community. But what does that really mean? And what makes them tick?

In conversation with Atul Singh (Managing Director), Ritwik Bhattacharya (Head Brewer), and Arijit Gosh (VP Sales), delve a little deeper into the froth that makes this brand unique.

When and how did the idea for this brand originate and how long did it take to realise it?

The brand believes in celebrating the free-spirited, self-assured individuals who are willing to forge their own path and are not necessarily followers of the accepted norms. They dare to wander, explore and create trends! 

Lone Wolf invites everyone to join us in this adventure and be a part of the birth of a counter-culture. #Unfollow!

Lone wolf is here for those looking for the ultimate strong craft beer.
Lone Wolf is here for those looking for the ultimate strong craft beer.

With most consumers now exploring craft beer and ingredient-focused offerings, was taste a challenge while conceptualising Lone Wolf?

Most consumers are now hell-bent on indigenous, home-grown products, flavours that are intriguing, yet grounded in Indian roots. We have aimed to cultivate this sense with our variants: Lone Wolf Strong and Lone Wolf Mild Lager. The former is a high ABV with low bitterness and ‘goes down easy’. The latter is a crisp, full malt, light beer with distinctive earthy aromas. These are extremely low in enzymes and thus making it perfect for your afternoon lunches or hearty brunches. 

The concept was simple: something different, something authentic. These craft brews are the perfect rendition of beer in its most authentic form.

Post-pandemic, there’s been a shift to wellness-based food and drinks. With all the talk of beer bellies, do you think there’s a way to combat it and succeed?

Post-pandemic, the F&B sector has undergone major changes, rather a revolution. There has been an emphasis on cleaner, low-calorie intakes. With Lone Wolf, we have strived to make our brew with high-quality ingredients like German Hops, Imported Barley Malts & very low enzymes that are easy on your gut and don’t make you feel bloated like other beers. 

Whichever of the two lone wolf offerings you pick, you're also making a choice to #unfollow.
Whichever of the two Lone Wolf offerings you pick, you’re also making a choice to #Unfollow.

What’s a beer myth you’re keen to bust? 

One of the biggest myths about beer is that it is supposed to be bitter. Another widely held myth is that strong beer is cheap beer.

However, with the use of high quality & fine balance of the various ingredients and appropriate conditioning, it is indeed possible to curtail the bitter aftertaste and make a high quality smooth strong beer! With Lone Wolf, we have aimed to achieve a striking balance between taste, low bitterness, smoothness, and aroma such that it goes down easy and is refreshing. 

What kind of food do you think pairs best with LoneWolf?

A light, crisp, full malt beer such as Lone Wolf Mild Lager pairs well with delectable munchies like chicken tenders, fish fingers etc. If you are looking for a lighter alternative, pair it with healthier snacks like fox nuts or even smoked almonds. For those who have a sweet tooth, anything chocolatey or berrylicious, works best with beer.

Lone wolf comes to delhi at a time where things are still stabilising.
Lone Wolf comes to Delhi at a time when things are still stabilising.

Given the volatile excise policies, how do you plan to navigate a dried-up Delhi and avoid mistakes your peers might have made?  

We believe that anything can be looked upon as a boon or a bane. Many brands are venturing into this sector thus giving rise to many homegrown brands. We aim to collaborate with brands, events, restaurants and pubs. We are certain about that through our promotion and collaboration at various music and beer festivals and gigs.

At the moment, we are pacing ourselves substantially and increasing our distribution footprint across the North India market.

Tell us a little bit about your larger goals to move to the low alco-bev segment. Is that a necessity as a brand and company, or a passion?

In every business, it is important to cater to every sector when one is planning to expand and diversify. This is where the road to “alternatives” or “options” comes in. 

We plan to divulge in the LABs (low-alcohol beverage) and RTDs (ready-to-drink) segments to cater to a larger demographic. As a brand, it becomes our duty as a whole to be dynamic and to keep ourselves on the go as and when the market trends change.

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