It’s a bittersweet box of the best rum and chocolates with Diplomatico x Ether

The limited edition rum & chocolate box by Diplomatico and Ether beautifully blends flavours to deliver an unparalleled exquisite experience
With bright and sweet tasting notes in the rum and rich cocoa nibs in the chocolate, this limited edition box is luxury itself
With bright and sweet tasting notes in the rum and rich cocoa nibs in the chocolate, this limited edition box is luxury itself

Thanks in large part to popular demand, Ether Atelier chocolate has collaborated with Diplomatico to create a limited edition box stuffed with rum and chocolates

Often touted as one of the best possible rum pairings, chocolate generates a sensory spectrum that is difficult to match. Given that aged rums boast very intense flavours, it pairs well with chocolates that have a high percentage of cocoa, generally around 80%. Rums such as Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva spend up to 12 years in oak barrels, developing a character that combines particularly well with the intensity and bitterness of the best cocoa.

Both Diplomatico and Ether are renowned for their passion, craftsmanship, and quality. On the helm of these pillars, they offer unique carefully crafted products, perfect for folks that truly enjoy the finer things in life. Born of the same vision is this limited edition box, up for grabs and gifting until it goes out of stock! 

For the uninitiated, Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva is a fabulous Venezuelan dark golden rum. Distilled from molasses in a copper pot, it’s aged for up to 12 years to develop the bold flavour to its fullest. Rich, sweet and fruity, it’s rightfully one of the most awarded rums, with over twenty accolades to its name.

Ether's passionfruit venezuelan offering in the form of sierra is the perfect complement to the sweet diplomatico rum
Ether’s passionfruit Venezuelan offering in the form of Sierra is the perfect complement to the sweet Diplomatico rum

The tasting notes for this rum is very sweet and round, possessing a velvety body that coats your mouth nicely. There are notes of toffee, honey and hints of wood and cognac like fruitiness. An elegant rum is its own right, it only exponentially grows in flavour when paired with the Ether Sierra. The cocoa nibs in the Sierra help highlight the sweetness of the rum, allowing both the chocolate and liquor to work in delicious harmony. 

Lauded as a prodigy in the pastry world, Chef Prateek Bakhtiani is no novice when it comes to inspiration based creations. Here too, he brings in his expertise as a chocolatier by picking the right chocolate to complement, rather than overwhelm the rum pairing.

The passion fruit and the silky Venezuelan chocolate complement the notes of vanilla and wood of the rum, creating a seductive long finish. The box creates the mood for the perfect setting. All you need to do is pour some of the Reserva Exclusiva, find your favourite spot, and tear open one of the Ether Sierra’s. The creators one bite of the chocolate followed by a sip of rum. Perfection has never been so simple.  

The sweetness of diplomatico rum is enhanced greatly by ether's sierra, a silky chocolate with bold flavours
The sweetness of Diplomatico rum is enhanced greatly by Ether’s Sierra, a silky chocolate with bold flavours

What makes the rum and chocolate pairing truly exceptional is the process and attention to detail. Born of the craftsmanship of generations of rum masters and chocolatiers, it’s as much about an exact science as it is a feeling brought to life. Their passionate pursuit of excellence, working with the best raw materials, cocoa and sugar cane, makes connoisseurs and aficionados indulge in their enjoyment worldwide. 

While these two indulgences stand tall by themselves, when eaten alongside, the mix of flavours elevates and uplifts your senses. As the pandemic continues in an unrelenting albeit relatively lesser manner, everyone could do with a mood lift. And what better way to cheer yourself and loved ones up than with some rum and chocolates. With Diplomatico and Ether, you know you’re in good hands. 

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