The Royce’ Nama Hazelnut chocolates are back just in time for the winter festivities

It’s indulgent tidings all the way with Royce’s signature Nama Chocolate. The brand is back in India with its seasonal bestseller, the Nama Hazelnut 
The nama chocolate is said to be a traditional gift from young girls to the boys they like in japan.
The Nama Chocolate is said to be a traditional gift from young girls to the boys they like in Japan.

Back in India after two years, the limited-edition variant of Royce’s signature Nama Chocolate, The Nama Hazelnut, exclusively crafted for India, is a velvety smooth blend of hazelnut and almond paired with fresh Hokkaido cream. 

Nama in Japanese means raw, referring to the pure and fresh nature of the chocolate. Essentially a type of ganache, the Nama chocolate is made from a mix of melted cacao and fresh cream. As the mixture solidifies, the block of chocolate is cut into pieces and sprinkled with cocoa powder on top.

The premium quality of the Nama chocolate sets it apart from regular chocolate in a few aspects. One of the most significant differences is the shelf life. Every box is sold on the shelf for only one month, which is a much shorter time than regular chocolates. 

Furthermore, it’s crucial that nama chocolate is stored between 4°C to 7° C, lower than traditional chocolate. Royce’ and other experts would always recommend the best way to taste Nama chocolate is to take it from the fridge and let it sit at room temperature for 10 minutes before serving. At their outlets, they also provide miniature spatulas to lift the delicate cubes, so as to prevent body heat from affecting the chocolate. 

The Nama Hazelnut is one of many delicious Royce’ offerings. An array of varieties include the Mild White, the Ghana Bitter, Mild Cacao, and Ecuador Sweet. Royce’ is also known to dabble in seasonal flavours through the year, resulting in some unique but delectable offerings. 

Royce nama hazelnut chocolates
Royce’ has been producing Nama Chocolates since 1983, with The Nama Hazelnut being their seasonal bestseller

Royce’ was the first in Hokkaido to begin producing Nama chocolate in 1983. What lends the Royce’ Nama Chocolates their rich velvety texture is its geographical advantage. Japan’s northernmost island, Hokkaido is located at the northern extremity of Japan and is renowned for its rich environment and cold climate. Flowers in spring, lush greenery in summer, red leaves in autumn and snow in winter, ROYCE’ chocolate is made in a truly special place surrounded by the beauty and contrasts of all four seasons.

In 2013, it was Burgundy Hospitality that brought Royce’ Nama Chocolates to Mumbai. Since then, it’s expanded to New Delhi, Bengaluru, Gurugram, Kolkata and Pune across 11 retail outlets. On their ecommerce website, deliveries are available across 12 cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Kolkata, Pune and Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Chandigarh, Jaipur and Ahmedabad.

Aside from the Nama Chocolate collection, Royce’ also offers a variety of gourmet confections including but not limited to chocolate bars in rum raisin, almond, milk and black (dark). There’s also the divine wafer biscuit chocolate in hazel cream and the snackible chocolate-covered almonds.

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