21 bespoke gifts for the ultimate gourmet gifting guide to Christmas 2021

With Christmas right around the corner, this gourmet gifting guide will ensure you have one less thing to worry about! 

Settling for anything less than the best is just not acceptable during Christmas. Least of all when it comes to the most anticipated part of the season – gifting! 

With the onset of December – the official party month of the year, we’re fast approaching the deadline for gifting our loved ones. Even as years continue to fly by, food and drinks remain an integral part of gourmet gifting for any occasion. From exotic nuts to premium tea and coffee selections, and of course, wines and other traditional savouries, there’s enough to earn yourself brownie points! 

So if you’re looking to gift business associates, colleagues, family and friends or just about anyone, there’s something in here for you. Choose from an elaborate range of bespoke hampers curated and inspired by Christmas and winter festivities. 

It’s been a long couple of years with the pandemic to say the least. Gift yourself some TLC and something special this year with this gourmet gifting guide to aid you. 

Octavius Tea

With octavius tea's special holiday collection, you're bound to impress tea afficionados!
With Octavius Tea’s special holiday collection, you’re bound to impress tea aficionados!

Healthy is fast becoming a buzzword when it comes to gourmet gifting. And if good health is the best gift after all, what better way to say it than with Octavius Tea? The Heritage of India Tea Collection is a fairly recent launch, and boasts of premium garden whole leaf teas from Assam and Indian Masala.

Given all the indulgent and rich festive meals that December and Christmas bring, it’s safe to say that a tea boosting metabolism and enriching immunity would be much appreciated. With this unique gift set, relish the goodness of the exquisite whole leaf black teas from Assam. Packed in a festive gift box, the selection serves as a perfect gift for tea lovers replete with everything needed to brew and enjoy it. There’s also a Double Walled Glass for you to enjoy your home brewed cuppa in!

The Gift Studio 

Gourmet gifting got a whole lot easier this christmas with the gift studio's impressive collection!
Gourmet gifting got a whole lot easier this Christmas with The Gift Studio’s impressive collection!

What says gourmet gift better than a premium hamper? Choose from their hampers including Time To Wine Down, The Mighty Celebration Trunk, and La Dolce Vita amongst others. 

As mulled wines continue to flow across Christmas, these hampers with some artisanal cheese offerings are a no-brainer pairing. You can even ‘Build Your Own Hamper’ or choose from the limited edition collection curated by Sonam Kapoor, Anamika Khanna, and celebrated esteemed artists such as Bose Krishnamachari, Paresh Maity and MF Hussain.

Aside from these, you could also choose from a plethora of decadent cakes, exotic wines and spirits, flowers and balloons, and a lot more!

Grover Zampa Vineyards Wines

Not one or two, but seven whole new labels have been added to the grover collection in honour of christmas!
Not one or two, but seven whole new labels have been added to the Grover collection with Christmas other festivities just around the corner!

In honour of the upcoming Christmas festivities, Grover has now added seven new labels to its portfolio. And a good, no, great bottle of wine always makes for the most gourmet gift.

Choose from the Grover La Réserve Pinot Noir, La Réserve Fumé Blanc, La Réserve Syrah Grenache, or the Art Collection Riesling, each as exquisite as the last. However, it’s the Grover La Réserve Chardonnay that truly stands out as one of the most popular white wine varietals for its rich, clean, and oaky attributes. 

With a pale-yellow appearance, it possesses fragrant notes of fresh peach, melon, tropical fruit, and a hint of lemon zest. Aged for 12 months in French Oak barrels, the wine appears rich and full on the palate, and is complimented with soft oak notes and crisp acidity. Need we say more?

Glenmorangie’s A Tale of Cake

A tale of cake is glenmorangie's way of celebrating the magic of cake in whiskey, perfect for christmas gourmet gifting
A Tale of Cake is Glenmorangie’s way of celebrating the magic of cake in whiskey, perfect for Christmas gourmet gifting

The tale of this gourmet gift offering by Glenmorangie began when Dr Bill Lumsden, Director of Whisky Creation walked down the lanes of nostalgia over cake. 

From baking with his granny, to the pineapple upside down cake his daughter made him for his birthday, there’s a warm and heartfelt story behind every bite. It was his vision of encapsulating the magic of cake in a single malt whisky that kick started this journey. He experimented by finishing Glenmorangie in Tokaji dessert wine casks. Skillfully layering their sweet, honeyed notes with Glenmorangie’s smooth, fruity character, Dr Bill created the magnificence that is Glenmorangie A Tale of Cake.

For the uninitiated, Tokaji wines are highly prized dessert wines from the Hungarian region of Tokaj, created using noble-rot grapes. Noble rot fungus ((Botrytis cinerea)) grows in moist conditions, making grapes shrivel up and concentrating their sugars, to create unique flavours. You’re sure to impress wine connoisseurs and even appear one yourself this Christmas. 

Royal Ranthambore Heritage Collection 

When it comes to royal spirits, one needn’t look further than Rajasthan. Reiterating the same, Radico Khaitan Ltd, India’s largest IMFL company launched the ‘Royal Ranthambore Heritage Collection-Royal Crafted Whisky’. 

Royal Ranthambore is crafted from different bespoke Blended Malt Scotch from various regions of Scotland. Scotch grain is also blended to harmonize the Whisky. It is a complex whisky with six Blended Malt Scotches, one Scotch Grain from Malted Barley and Oak Infused Grain Neutral Spirit, reserved for a specific time to assimilate the blend. Is there a more gourmet way of saying Merry Christmas? 

CelesTe Winter Tea Collections

Gifting a tea lover? Celeste's artisanal teas are here to rescue and revitalize your christmas!
Gifting a tea lover? CelesTE’s artisanal teas are here to rescue and revitalize your Christmas!

The luxury brand is known for its exquisite handlined artisanal teas which are uniquely crafted to perfection. For tea aficionados, these blended whole leaf teas from India’s finest tea gardens are sure to be nothing short of an amazing Christmas gift! 

Brainchild of Anubha Jhawar, a sommelier as well, CelesTe has introduced a new range of winter teas perfect post a night of winter revelries. Featuring the Vedic Elixir, Apple Pie, and Kashmir Khawa, the winter teas are specifically curated with different types of spices and aromas to enhance your experience and change your winter into a magical one.


Moët & chandon is here to add an effervescent touch of gourmet to your christmas gifts
Moët & Chandon is here to add an effervescent touch of gourmet to your Christmas gifts

An effervescent addition to Christmas celebrations with the perfect Moët & Chandon gourmet gift is the stuff of dreams. This holiday season, as the world comes together to celebrate the joy of togetherness, Moët & Chandon bring their legendary savoir-fête to celebrate the winter festivities. 

The St. Regis, Mumbai

Christmas cakes form a classic part of the bespoke hampers now available at the st. Regis, mumbai!
Christmas cakes form a classic part of the bespoke hampers now available at The St. Regis, Mumbai!

A range of bespoke Christmas hampers and gourmet gifts await you courtesy The St. Regis Mumbai. Some of their hampers include traditional staples like a rich and delicious Christmas Cake, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Blue Tokai – Easy Pour Coffee – 5 Sachets, and Les Confitures Fruit Spread. 

Adding a creamy touch is The Fine Cheese Co. – Chili & Extra Virgin Olive Oil Crackers, Blossom Honey all in a luxury leather box.

Over and above these, there’s multiple decadent delicacies up for grabs. Choose from the plum pudding, Christmas cake, nutty orange loaf, liqueur chocolates, stollen bread, gingerbread cookies, dundee cake, panettone, sea salt & hazelnut cookies and many more.

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With coffeeza, explore a whole new way to taste premium coffee, making it a great christmas gift for coffee lovers
With Coffeeza, explore a whole new way to taste premium coffee, making it a great Christmas gift for coffee lovers

Honestly, coffee for Christmas would be the best kind of gift. At least, for the caffeine obsessed crowd. 

With Coffeeza, a smartisanal coffee company based out of Goa, not only do your cravings get satisfied, but there’s also a whole new world of coffee tasting to be explored. The Christmas gifting range includes Coffeeza machines, coffee capsules and pour-over coffee. 

On a different path than the tried and tested method, this is the perfect choice for those looking to introduce their loved ones to a premium yet convenient gourmet coffee experience. Talk about ending the year on a high note. 

Bombay Sweet Shop

Your favourite winter sweets from childhood are now reimagined into gourmet gift hampers for christmas
Your favourite winter sweets from childhood are now reimagined into gourmet gift hampers for Christmas

Make your December the sweetest it can be with the Bombay Sweet Shop Christmas Collection. This year, it’s all about your favourite childhood winter treats, reimagined as the perfect gourmet gift for the festivities.

Sink your teeth into our chocolate rummy balls, a decadent treat inspired by two of your favourite bakery treats, rum balls and jammy swiss rolls. The shimmer of tinsel comes with the varq-laced Nana’s Coconut Ice, reminiscent of old-school coconut Christmas candy recreated with zingy lemon zest. 

You can enjoy these seasonal delicacies in a Box of Joy with 9 or 18 sweets. Alternatively, make your Christmas extra magical with the Secret Santa Christmas Hamper. The hamper consists of the Box of Joy, Peppermint Pecan Barks, Toffee Butterscotch Cookies, Indian Jujubes and Bombay Bhel Chikki!

I’M Wholesome

The gourmet gift hamper by i'm wholesome features some artisanal cheese alongside season staples, making it perfect for christmas
The gourmet gift hamper by I’M Wholesome features some artisanal cheese alongside season staples, making it perfect for Christmas

What’s a more wholesome hamper than those from I’M Wholesome? The Christmas gourmet gift hampers are filled with delightful goodies, ranging from sweet treats to irresistible savoury foods, hot chocolates, DIY kits and cheese towers.

From rich Christmas fruit and nut cakes to tantalisingly seasonal berry tarts

we simply can’t get enough of the delectable flavours of Christmas – which you will find them all, and so much more, in their stunning range of luxury gift hampers.

The offerings this season include, their signature gourmet cheese like the truffle shiitake and seasonal strawberry pesto, red velvet cheese cookies, gourmet christmas cheese tower, strawberry tres leches, belgian hot chocolate mix, california grapes, macrons, DIY gingerbread tree making kit, toffee caramel cupcakes and much more!

Sleepy Owl Coffee

The celebration box from sleepy owl coffee is just one of their many delightful christmas gourmet gift offerings
The Celebration Box from Sleepy Owl Coffee is just one of their many delightful Christmas gourmet gift offerings

Another one for the coffee lovers! Wrapped in celebratory cheer, the Celebration Box from Sleepy Owl Coffee has a set each of Cold Brew Packs, Hot Brew Bags and the brand’s signature Enamel Mug. 

For those who like to be their own baristas, the Latte Kit is just what you need. This one comes with a set of any of the Hot Brew Bags and a one-button powered Stainless Steel Coffee Frother. All of Sleepy Owl’s Cold Brew Packs and Hot Brew Bags are made with 100% Arabica Coffee from Chikmagalur, Karnataka, and come in 7 variants – original (medium roast); dark roast; cinnamon; french vanilla; hazelnut; caramel and mocha.  

Nourish Organics

A healthy alternative to the decadent christmas gourmet gifts? Nourish organics has got you covered!
A healthy alternative to the decadent Christmas offerings? Nourish Organics has got you covered!

Looking to keep the Christmas gifts gourmet yet health conscious? Gift your loved ones an exciting experience of opening a bundle full of healthy tasty treats with Red & Green Christmas Bundles from Nourish Organics.

There’s no compromise on taste or health with these Christmas bundles consisting of a wholesome mix of organic nuts, nutritious seeds, scrumptious plant-based breakfast cereals, and super food making it the perfect gifting option this winter season.

Grab your choice from the three bundles which consist of  Almond Buckwheat Cookies , Apple Oats Bar, Amla Bar, Cranberry Super Grain Granola, Oats Cranberry Cookies, Lime Chia Bar and Mixed Nut Medley. It’s healthy eating made gourmet and easy this Christmas! 

Monér Bistro & Dessert Bar

What's better than a box of classic christmas desserts?
What’s better than a box of classic Christmas desserts?

Desserts are the quintessential way to go when looking for gourmet gifts all year round. With an array of delicious Christmas delights as well as a hamper, Monèr Bistro & Dessert Bar fits the bill and how. 

Starting with their Gingerbread DIY Kit, it is the perfect way to dive into the holiday season and indulge in fun festive activities. From baked gingerbread house cutouts, colored royal icing, sprinkles, and Christmas tree cookies, the kit has all the essentials that you need. 

The decadent Christmas Hamper contains hot chocolate mix, marshmallows, sugar cookies, white chocolate barks, and gingerbread pound cake. cold, cozy nights, warm blankets, and hot chocolate just scream Christmas!

ROYCE’ Christmas Gift Collection

The nutty&nice hamper from royce' is just one example of their premium gourmet gifts for christmas!
The Nutty&Nice Hamper from Royce’ is just one example of their premium gourmet gifts for Christmas!

Japan’s best kept secret is now yours to share with all your loved ones! Their Christmas collection features a variety of Royce’s best selling chocolates and cookies bundled in beautiful, keepsake gift boxes. 

Staying true to the spirit of spreading Christmas cheer, choose from the Nutty and Nice Gift Hamper, the White Christmas Bento Box, the Nutcracker Gift Box, Christmas Collection Box, Cookies and Cream Gift Box or the NAMAzing Christmas Gift Box from the Royce’ Christmas Collection. We’d definitely recommend snatching up all the pure and exquisite Nama chocolates before they disappear! 

La Baguette at The Imperial

La baguette's gourmet holiday hamper has been curated specially for a perfect christmas gift!
La Baguette’s gourmet holiday hamper has been curated specially for a perfect Christmas gift!

Filled with wholesome goodness, La Baguette’s gourmet holiday hamper is luxuriously curated with love.

From boxes of chocolates, ginger cookies to other gourmet favourites, there is a range of carefully selected Christmas eats, to brighten up anyone’s day. Let the yuletide spirit overflow with goodness of Christmas plum cake, Christmas stollen, walnut cake, chocolate chip cookies, ginger cookies, chocolate praline, chocolate santa, capers, black olives, fruit wine and more, all to make your Christmas simply memorable. 

All wrapped in a delicate red basket and ready to go, just for you! 

Thirsty Fox Cider

Thirsty fox ciders are here to save you from the rote (or traditional! ) christmas gifts
Thirsty Fox Ciders are here to save you from the rote (or traditional!) Christmas gifts

Wines and cakes too mainstream? Break away from the usual options and opt for homegrown, all-natural, craft ciders made using hand-picked apples sourced from family-owned farms in America by Thirsty Fox.

Served in cute stubby bottles, Thirsty Fox has two variants Izzy and Reed that serve as the perfect winter drink for the festive season. The Thirsty Fox Izzy is golden summery cider, bright, and crisp delicately balanced with orange blossom honey. The Thirsty Fox Reed on the other hand is a beautiful ruby red vegan cider, semi-dry, mildly fizzy, conditioned with tart cherries and peppercorns.

Ditch the norms and crack open a cold one this exceptionally warm Christmas! 


The naughty & nice gift hamper by provenance is filled to the brim with christmas delights perfect for the seasonal cheer!
The Naughty & Nice gift hamper by Provenance is filled to the brim with Christmas delights perfect for the seasonal cheer!

With Christmas around the corner, Provenance has introduced an indulgent collection of gourmet gifts perfectly in sync with the season. 

From gift boxes inspired by expressionist art, to premium leather trays to baskets and Christmas stockings, each hamper has been designed to showcase independent specialty brands that offer authentic and high-quality products.

Apart from thoughtful hampers and Christmas gifts, there’s also curated winter desserts, handcrafted ornaments and baubles, stocking fillers, Christmas themed candy and lollipops, hot chocolate, gingerbread cookies, candy canes, and even Christmas activity kits for families to choose from! Talk about being spoiled for choice. 

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Laduree X MellerioJoailler

Do the macarona in style this christmas with ladurée and mellerio joailler
Do the macarona in style this Christmas with Ladurée and Mellerio Joailler

Do the macarona this Christmas with Ladurée’s new gift box in collaboration with French Jewellery House Mellerio Joailler. 

The elegantly designed jewellery case is the epitome of gourmet gifts for Christmas. On opening, it reveals an assortment of 8,16 & 24 gourmet macarons of your choice. Satisfying both the sweet tooth and style fact, celebrate this festive season by gifting your dear ones with something truly festive and special. 

Cou Cou

Cou cou brings a french twist to christmas gourmet confectionaries and how!
Cou Cou brings a French twist to Christmas gourmet confectionaries and how!

Helmed by Chef Pratik and Chef Pierre Storti, Cou Cou, the newest French-style patisserie in Mumbai is all set to lavish an indulgent and unforgettable Christmas celebration.

The patissiers bring their panache to the Christmas offerings, featuring the delicious Yule Logs in a modern re-imagination of the traditional “Bouche de Noel”. The unique spread is also inclusive of the special Mont Blanc Pastry which is a 19th century dessert made with chestnut puree from France, resembling the snow-capped mountains of Mont Blanc. The array includes a variety of pastries, ginger bread, cinnamon star and Hausfreunde cookies topped with a selection of gourmet homemade chocolates.

Go Nuts

Exotic nuts are a no brainer when it comes to gourmet gifts, and go nuts is back with something special this christmas
Exotic nuts are a no brainer when it comes to gourmet gifts, and Go Nuts is back with something special this Christmas

There’s nothing as festive as gifting someone a box of the most exotic nutes. With Go Nuts, you’ll hit the Christmas gourmet gifting nail right on the head. 

So, this December be the Snack Santa to all your friends and family. The bespoke Go Nuts festive hampers are a mouth-watering potpourri of sweet, spicy and savory deliciousness. You can choose from two carefully thought gift boxes – The Bestseller’s Exclusive and The Nut Your Regular Box consisting of bestsellers like Sea Salt Caramel Almonds, Thai Sweet Chili Cashews, Oregano Cashews and more.

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