Drifters Brewery is all set to brew up an exciting start to 2022

With the arrival of Wheaty Wednesday, Drifters Brewery also unveils an exciting new addition to their line-up, the Citra Wit
At drifters' breweries, you're promised a mug full of the best handcrafted eastern european beers,
At Drifters’ Breweries, you’re promised a mug full of the best handcrafted Eastern European beers,

The craft beer scene has been exploding in India consistently for the last couple of years, pandemic notwithstanding. With classics like Toit, Moonshine, Effingut, and more taking beer to newer heights, Drifters Brewery has quickly established itself in the big leagues.

The magnum opus of Sheetal & Nayan Shah, Drifters Breweries have carried their owners’ commitment to bringing Eastern European handcrafted beers to the city. With their recent growler station launched in Pune and five existing ones in Mumbai, they’re committed to keeping your spirit high in the new year as well! 

Beer lovers across Maharashtra now have their special offer on Witbiers with Wheaty Wednesdays, and their newly launched Citra Wit brew to look forward to. As part of the Wheaty Wednesday offers, they have the traditional Drifters’ Belgian-Style Witbier, Hefeweizen (Sunny Bavaria) and their latest launch for craft beer enthusiasts to sample. 

The latest offering from drifters' breweries is the citra wit, an american wheat ale perfect for craft beer enthusiasts
The latest offering from Drifters’ Breweries is the Citra Wit, an American wheat ale perfect for craft beer enthusiasts

With both malted and unmalted grain, Drifters’ Belgian Wit offers customary smoothness and haze. It is spiked with curacao orange peel and coriander to deliver a complex, yet easy drinking and curiously refreshing brew. As for the deep golden, Bavaria sun coloured Hefeweizen, that’s wheat beer guaranteed to keep you coming back for another pint. Full of wheat malt that brings a silky smooth body; it’s an intensely cloudy example of a style that shows a strong banana and clove aroma with hints of citrus zest

Coming to the star of the show, their latest offering is not one to disappoint. The Citra Wit pours a slightly hazy golden yellow, and is every bit the satisfying drink. For an American Wheat Ale that has been hopped with citra, it’s hardly bitter, so that’s one less worry for newbies curious about craft beer.

With all off Drifters’ beers having an ABV of roughly 4.6%, it’s a drink that manages to deliver complex flavours whilst still keeping things light and allowing you to guzzle more.

On tap and on offer on the newly launched wheaty wednesdays, sample a pint of drifters' standard belgian wit
On tap and on offer on the newly launched Wheaty Wednesdays, sample a pint of Drifters’ standard Belgian Wit

What gives Drifters’ Breweries its edge is their attention to detail. The brewing processes are centuries old and true to Czech traditions. The limited use of machinery for tasks like picking barley husks manually greatly impacts the final flavour of the brew.

Both Sheetal and Nayan travelled extensively with Czech Master Brewer Honza Kocka to learn more about the palate of Indian consumers. From Bangalore to Pune and everything in between, they were sure to hit all the spots where craft breweries have mushroomed and established a stronghold over the years. The planning phase then lead to the final selection of malt and hops from the Czech Republic which were used to design the recipes.

With Honza at the helm, there’s an authentic touch lent to the entire process. In an industry where consistency is key, his use of traditionally processed Czech malts derived from four-generations of business ensures premium quality each time. 

So what are you waiting for? Grab your very own growler and head to one of Drifters’ several stations for a quick fix of some great wheat beer. And if it’s a Wednesday, it just gets better!

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