Get your caffeine kick in seconds with Sleepy Owl’s new Premium Instant Coffee

Making Sleepy Owl more accessible for coffee lovers across the board, the much loved brand has launched its own Premium Instant Coffee in three exciting flavours
Original, french vanilla, and hazelnut makes three new flavours to enjoy sleepy owl's newly launched premium instant coffee
Original, French Vanilla, and Hazelnut makes three new flavours to enjoy Sleepy Owl’s newly launched premium instant coffee

No moka pot or French press to brew a delicious cup of coffee every morning? Sick of the usual bitter aftertaste from chicory based instant coffees? The country’s leading DTC coffee brand, Sleepy Owl is here to save the day with the launch of Premium Instant Coffee. Apart from their signature Original, there’s also French Vanilla and Hazelnut to look forward to for coffee lovers of all ages.

With their Premium Instant Coffee, Sleepy Owl aspires to elevate every instant coffee drinker’s expectations by introducing them to a cup of Real Good Instant Coffee. The brand aims to close the gap between convenience and experience, which has been one of the key USPs of the brand and reflects across all its product offerings.

Sleepy Owl’s Premium Instant Coffee is made with their signature 100% Arabica beans, and uses Microground Technology, which consists of 95% soluble coffee crystals and 5% freshly roasted high-quality beans. The iconic chocolatey and nutty flavor comes from these single-origin, Grade-A plantation Arabica beans grown at 5300ft in Chikmagalur, Karnataka.

Redefine your instant coffee experience every morning with sleepy owl's latest premium instant coffee
Redefine your instant coffee experience every morning with Sleepy Owl’s French vanilla flavoured Premium Instant Coffee

This helps preserve the rich aroma of real coffee and allows the user to brew a cup of coffee in seconds. It’s also a delight for climate conscious coffee aficionados, as it’s packaged in a multi-serve tin, made of infinitely recyclable material, making it a 100% sustainable offering.

The affordable pricing is another tick on the Sleepy Owl list, with one tin amounting to 50 cups of coffee. Apart from their official website, the products are available for purchase across all major online marketplaces and will also be retailed offline via Foodhall, Modern Bazaar, Nature’s Basket, to name a few.

The brand’s origin story lies in the friendship of Arman Sood, Ashwajeet Singh and Ajai Thandi and their quest for a perfect and accessible cup of good coffee. Taking matters into their own hands, they decided to invent a product to cater to these needs. Sleepy Owl’s vision to redefine the in-home and out-of-home coffee experience have since made coffee better, everyday.

Sustainable packaging? Check. 100% single-origin arabica beans? Check. Sleepy owl premium instant coffee? Grab your pack now!
Sustainable packaging? Check. 100% single-origin Arabica beans? Check. Sleepy Owl Premium Instant Coffee in Hazelnut? Grab your pack now!

Today, the brand stands over 5 years strong with a strong product portfolio that includes Cold Brew Packs, Hot Brew Bags, Ready-To-Drink Cold Brew Bottles, Ground Coffee, Brew Box, Instant Coffee and a range of Merchandise. And with their newly launched premium instant coffee, Sleepy Owl’s created a total experience for all.

Commenting on the new launch, Mr. Ashwajeet Singh, Co-founder, Sleepy Owl Coffee says, “The concept of ‘Instant Coffee’ in India is not merely a function of simplified process and time. It is also a way of socializing and indulging in cultural experiences. And this is where we come in, had it only been about convenience or functionality- there are established players in the market that are already catering to that. But if we are talking about ‘Experience’, we want people to know what a ‘Real Good Instant Coffee’ tastes like.” 

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