23 gifts guaranteed to impress your boo this Valentine’s Day

The way to your better half’s heart this Valentine’s Day comes in 23 different and equally exciting options

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and nothing says love like a thoughtful gift. Or multiple gifts. From indulgent hampers by your favourite food brands, to a bottle of exquisite liquor, or even some miscellaneous treats – there’s something for everyone in this gifting guide! 


Waterlilies for My Valentine by Ether

It's a painting come to life in the most delicious way imaginable with ether's valentine collection
It’s a painting come to life in the most delicious way imaginable with Ether’s Valentine collection

Are you the kind of person who falls in love with paintings? With their Valentine’s special collection, Ether’s got what art nerds and chocolate lovers want nailed. Inspired by Claude Monet’s painting, Waterlilies for my Valentine maps a mellow route through the exploration of flavours such as winterberry, Damascus rose, pistachio, lavender bud and first flush Muscatel Darjeeling tea

The tablets come in delightful combinations of smooth 70% Peruvian Dark Chocolate, Darjeeling Black Tea and Rose Lokum among other equally exciting flavours. They have cakes on offer as well, specifically the Rose Dominicana. Created in an intense red, made of Dominican chocolate, caramel and sea salt, this is the perfect way to celebrate your love. There’s also the Macaron Rouge with Ghanaian chocolate and salted pistachios for an extra serving of sweet! 

Nova Nova

It's a chocolate and cookie hamper this valentine's thanks to nova nova
It’s a chocolate and cookie hamper this Valentine’s thanks to Nova Nova

This Valentine’s Day, make precious moments sweeter with the sweetest gift of all, chocolate! Nova Nova has a fun, unique and delicious range of heart shaped treats on offer. Filled with freshly baked delicacies straight out of the kitchen, it’s a perfect box of happiness to surprise your loved ones. Their gift boxes also include a pretty flower along with a greeting card for an extra special touch. 

Love Inside-Out fortune cookies by White Light Food

These love inside out fortune cookies are sure to be a delightful treat for your valentine
These love inside out fortune cookies are sure to be a delightful treat for your Valentine

A place that offers everything lip smacking, they’ve delivered this Valentine’s season as well! The Love Inside-Out fortune cookies are 100% vegetarian, gelatin free, yeast free, no preservatives, and child friendly. What makes it even more special are the love filled messages inside your cookies, that can be customized to boot. 

Moreover, they’ve got love bags containing vegan edamame dim sums, a DIY fondue kit loaded with cheese, bread, condiments, fondue pot, and skewers. And for the kind of love that celebrates the parent-child relationship, they also have introduced a new parent-child breakfast in bed kit for a comfy, wholesome morning.

Sweetish House Mafia

Nothing sweeter for valentine's day than a box by your resident favourite cookie house!
Nothing sweeter for Valentine’s Day than a box by your resident favourite cookie house!

A beautifully curated hamper, Swedish House Mafia brings to you a box filled with heart shaped cookies, red velvet cookies, brownies, cake, all put together to pamper you with utmost love. Nothing says Valentine’s Day to a partner, or to yourself, like a box of delicious gooey cookies.

Cou Cou

Desserts as intricate as delicious, cou cou is perfect for your sweet loving valentine!
Desserts as intricate as delicious, Cou Cou is perfect for your sweet loving Valentine!

Headed by Chef Pratik and Chef Pierre Storti, Cou Cou’s Valentine spread is a treat for the eyes just as much as your stomach. The collection features Ispahan, which is a rose, raspberry and lychee flavoured cake embellished with a chocolate rose. There’s also the Heart of Gold – a chocolate mousse encased in a chocolate shell, finished with red and gold accents, making this an ideal season’s fit. The assortment also packs with it a Vanilla & Raspberry Croquembouche which are essentially mini choux puffs filled with vanilla and raspberry cream and the Lime & Blueberry Pavlova (Gluten Free) – Meringue shells with lime curd and fresh blueberries.

Monèr Bistro & Dessert Bar

Look how pretty! , is definitely a guaranteed exclamation from your valentine
Look how pretty!, is definitely a guaranteed exclamation from your Valentine

Monèr, India’s First only Dessert Bar and Bistro is offering desserts perfect for your special someone, guaranteed to make them swoon! The sweet offerings include the Jardin Du Rose, prepared using rose, raspberry, pistachio air cake, chocolate soil, rose caviar, and edible flowers.

There’s also a special Valentine’s Luxury Petit gift box which includes Chef Freny’s latest and finest dessert collection. The gift box features a Rose made of Rose & Raspberry mousse, Chocolate mousse, Berry coulis, the Caramel Apple made of vanilla bean mousse, Apple compote, and Cinnamon streusel with a Valentine’s twist to it. Next in the box is a dessert called the Strawberry Macaron sandwich, which is every bit as indulgent as it sounds. Get ordering! 

Brownsalt Bakery

A special menu for a special occassion
A special menu for a special occassion

Brownsalt Bakery has created a special limited edition menu for you to indulge in this season of love. It’s strawberry season, and they’ve ensured there’s more than one way to enjoy it. From cakes to tart to cheesecake, the menu comprises a range of indulgent desserts filled with the goodness of strawberries. The menu features Frasier, which is a cream cheese & strawberry entremet, filled with layers of vanilla bean cream cheese mousse, fresh organic strawberry confit, and moist vanilla cake for a divine gourmet indulgence giving you the best of both worlds. This is just the tip of a decadent iceberg, feel free to explore!

Nutmeg – The Gourmet Shop, ITC Hotels Bengaluru

Say happy valentine's with amore - seasonal strawberry, almond prailine & ruby chocolate gateau
Say Happy Valentine’s with Amore – Seasonal Strawberry, Almond Prailine & Ruby Chocolate Gateau

Revel in the joy of relationships and renewed hope with ITC Hotels. Enjoy the exquisite taste of Valentine’s Day Collection by Nutmeg – The Gourmet Shop with a delightful assortment of diverse hampers. Celebrate your loved ones with their special collection of caringly selected and mindfully prepared confections. These include but aren’t limited to macarons, handmade truffles, rich chocolate gateau, seasonal strawberries and much more! The sky’s the limit here.

Marriott Bonvoy

Love is in the air, and at home, thanks to these convenient diy hampers!
Love is in the air, and at home, thanks to these convenient DIY hampers!

Marriott International is giving you the opportunity to spice up a weekday Valentine’s by creating a romantic ambience at home! Choose from either one of the 4 richly luxurious all-encompassing DIY kits. For those with a sweet tooth, here’s the ‘Seven Shades of Red’ menu that you can opt for and dive straight into as they are ready and fabulous to eat. Consisting of patisserie entremets, this artisanal aphrodisiac menu will delicately balance and portray lux craftsmanship thus elevating the senses. 

True Delights

These hampers are sure to be true delights for your lucky valentine
These hampers are sure to be True Delights for your lucky Valentine

True Delights is here with their box of love to make this romantic day even more special! From cheese, dips, puff pastry, to chocolate, there’s all this and more in the True Delights ‘Way To Your Heart’ Hamper. With the perfect cheese pull and crumbling texture, the Mediterranean Pizza Puff is the best savoury dish to start this romantic day with. The hamper also has a Baked Brie with Truffle and a Mushrooms and Baked Brie with Fig, Rosemary & Honey. A jar of the Red Pepper Dip will surely feel like less once you try it out with the crispy crackers. Rounding it up are some chocolate churros perfect for a sweet end to a delicious meal.


Calalenta Fantini

This valentine's special is made from grapes handpicked at night
This Valentine’s special is made from grapes handpicked at night

Raise a classy toast to your loved one this Valentine’s Day. Made from grapes hand-picked at night, Calalenta Fantini’s wine has refreshing notes of strawberry, fresh watermelons, and rose petals, and your nose experiences all the aroma of mulberries, blueberries, blackberries and blackcurrants, pink grapefruit, and floral hints. 


This exquisite champagne is perfect to set the valentine's mood right
This exquisite Champagne is perfect to set the Valentine’s mood right

A combination of soil, climate, growing conditions, craft, and heritage, Laurent-Perrier, an exquisite rose Champagne provides you with the luxury and depth to set just the right mood. So if you’re in the mood to pop some bubbly for an extra special Valentine’s Day, you can’t go wrong with a bottle of this! 


Ditch the cliche and opt for some beer this valentine's day
Ditch the cliche and opt for some beer this Valentine’s Day

A box of chocolates, a bottle of wine and a big beautiful bouquet of roses is the most classic (and admittedly cliched!) way to say ‘I Love You’ to a significant other. But 2022 demands it to be a little different this time. Shake things up this Valentine’s and gift your partner Copter7 beer as special as them. You can also go for the curated four-pack beer hampers, a perfect two and two to split.

Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban

The glenmorangie quinta ruban is elegance bottled up perfectly
The Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban is elegance bottled up perfectly

Elegance comes bottled in the Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban. Aged 14 years the whiskey offers notes of Turkish delight, honeysuckle, tangerines and dark chocolate. The soft, velvety texture of this single malt will make for the ideal gift to mark Valentine’s Day this year. With an endless imagination and five essential ingredients: wood, water, barley, yeast and time, Glenmorangie is known for exquisite single malt whiskies as unpredictable as their Director of Whiskey Creation – Dr Bill Lumsden. Indulge in its rich, velvety taste for an unmatched single malt experience.

Jacob’s Creek Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot

Pop open australia's number one bottled wine this valentine's
Pop open Australia’s number one bottled wine this Valentine’s

A fun filled celebration wrapped in love always calls for a glass of wine. Jacob’s Creek, Australia’s number one bottled wine brand has the perfect wine to celebrate this day of love – Jacob’s Creek Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot.The refreshing lemon citrus aromas of Chardonnay are in harmony with the red currant characters of Pinot Noir. Generous citrus fruit flavours are enhanced with creamy nutty yeast characters providing both richness and structure. The wine finishes soft, crisp and clean. This can be perfectly paired with various delicacies like macaroni and cheese, fried chicken, a creamy soup or even some classic Indian papdi-chaat! Talk about versatile Valentine’s gifts.

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Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition by Julien Colombier

In an attempt to pay tribute to nature, Maison Hennessy has produced this Very Special Limited edition by the French artist Julien Colombier. This limited-edition Hennessy VS features Colombier’s trademark botanical motifs in paint and coloured chalk along with grapes and vine leaves inspired by the vineyards of the Cognac region. A stylish re-imagining of a classic design, it is the perfect gift for cognac connoisseurs and art lovers.

Vahdam India

This blush assorted gift set by vahdam is the perfect way to say you care
This Blush Assorted Gift Set by Vahdam is the perfect way to say you care

This Valentine’s, wish your loved ones good health, immunity, wellness and happiness by gifting Vahdam India’s high quality teas sourced directly from farms, and blended with 100% natural, native Indian spices, herbs, and other ingredients. These tea sets that are packed in luxuriously exquisite boxes of shades of gold, green, red and yellow make it an extremely thoughtful yet unique gift for valentine’s day.

Sleepy Owl Coffee

Sleepy owl's premium instant coffee kit is the ideal gift for coffee loving couples
Sleepy Owl’s Premium Instant Coffee Kit is the ideal gift for coffee loving couples

Rekindle your relationship with some great coffee courtesy the Premium Instant Kit by Sleepy Owl. The kit contains a frother, Premium Instant Coffee Original (100g), and a free ceramic mug. This Premium Coffee kit is a complete package for all the coffee loving couples this Valentine’s, be it those hooked on to their black coffee or the ones who prefer it frothy and milky.

Golden Tips Tea

This cupid's choice collection by golden tips is a premium way to celebrate the season of love
This Cupid’s Choice collection by Golden Tips is a premium way to celebrate the season of love

The pandemic has no doubt changed the norms of celebration, but the spirit to celebrate love remains. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Golden Tips has something truly special up their sleeve. Offering an array of flavours, the “Collection of Exotic 3-season Teas” is a perfect pick for your loved one. The luxe packaging and delicate flavours make this the perfect gift, especially for a tea loving partner.


Valentine’s Day Table Settings by Kaunteya 

Set the table right for valentine's with this striking romantic set by kaunteya
Set the table right for Valentine’s with this striking romantic set by Kaunteya

Luxury brand Kaunteya unveils their attractive and striking Valentine’s day tableware collection – Pichwal. Be it a candlelight dinner with your significant other, or a night of the infamous ‘Galentine’s dinner’, this table setup by Kanteya is here to make your hearts swoon and spark up all kinds of celebrations. Pichwai painting, normally done on cloth, takes the contemporary route to evoke the intricacies of the art tradition. The designer distils the essence of the artform to create minimal motifs that exalt the luxury collection. The tableware is further adorned with 24k gold for a regal finish.


An intimate kit for a special valentine's day with svish
An intimate kit for a special Valentine’s Day with Svish

She Likes It, He Loves It! Keeping the couple’s comfort in mind, these on-the-go couple’s packs by Svish houses intimate hygiene wipes with natural extracts of aloe vera, cucumber, and oud fragrance, crafted with a unique formula for no itching, no odour, no irritation to keep the couple going. Here come the added benefits, they are a 100% non-biodegradable, alcohol-free, paraben-free, gentle formula, dermatologically tested for your protection and comfort.


Ditch the cliche red and pink valentine's, opt for a healthier and more sensual one with elbour instead
Ditch the cliche red and pink Valentine’s, opt for a healthier and more sensual one with Elbuor instead

Now here’s a package of love that shows you care. Introducing Elbuor, India’s first low glycemic index, vegan & diabetic friendly range of products that are made with rarefied ingredients and taste exquisite. Dive into India’s first monk fruit sweetener based 70% dark signature chocolate collection for an absolutely divine, exclusive and healthy Valentine’s day. In addition, they’ve given a miss to the usual red and pink cliché, imparting a greater sense of intimacy! It contains 2 tea vials and 2 scented body candles, one male and one female.

Valentine’s Day collection of gifts and flowers by Interflora

The safest way to say Valentine’s Day is always through a classic collection of flowers. No one does it better than Interflora, the world’s largest and most trusted flower delivery network across over 100 countries. This season, there’s a timeless collection of flowers aptly named ‘Say it beyond the ordinary’. The collection entails romantic red roses, abundant gypso and even dried flowers enveloped in love for something a little more unique.

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