Think high tea in Mumbai, think Monèr – Bistro & Dessert bar

There’s nothing quite like catching up with friends and family over a good cup of tea and some dainty snacks. That’s exactly what Monèr’s high tea is all about.
High tea at monèr - bistro and dessert bar in mumbai
Soothe the pandemic ache with the promise of a delicious high tea at Monèr, a Bistro and Dessert Bar

Unless you live under a rock in Mumbai, you’re probably aware of Monèr, a Bistro and Dessert Bar that’s stolen the hearts of dessert connoisseurs. Be it an indulgent cake for 3 am cravings or a sweet start to an otherwise bla day, the place caters to all your whims and fancies. 

Now, the dessert bar is all set to make your evenings even more memorable with their exquisite High Tea menu. An extravagant affair that is truly a sight to behold, this is an experience you just can’t miss. Served in a traditional three tiered platter, these dainty delicacies are sure to please your palate.

The easy winners of the savoury menu are undoubtedly the Gruyère and Mushroom Gougères. Savoury cheesy choux buns, they cut through the sweetness of the high tea with their salty perfection. 

The bottom most tier consists of small sandwiches like Truffle & Egg, Chicken & Chives, as well as an amped up version of a Bombay Sandwich. There’s nothing quite like an element of Indian savoury to this age-old British custom. 

If it’s high tea, there’s definitely traditional English scones. The middle tier features scones with a housemade jam, and an assortment of deliciously light cookies like the Butter Sable Cookies and ooey gooey Chocolate Chip Cookies. Adding a unique hit of flavourful decadence are the petit four Orange mini tea cakes.

Traditional english scones
No high tea experience is complete with some traditional English scones

The perfectly light, airy and tart Lemon Madeleines add a delicious French twist to this high tea experience. The global culinary expedition continues with a crispy and delightfully Turkish addition to the middle layer with the Pistachio Baklava. The Vanilla and Strawberry petit choux, brimming with a smooth and creamy filling completes the royalesque experience. 

Started from the bottom and by the time you make your way to the top, there’s been some definite treats along the way. However, the top top most tier is indulgence itself with soft macarons in Lavender Earl Grey and Strawberry variants. There’s also small petit four spheres in flavours of Chocolate Passion and Vanilla Mousse, which seem to have relatively missed the mark with all the other goodies around. A collection of mini tarts; presented in flavours of Lemon Meringue, Chocolate and a special Seasonal Berry & Crème Pâtissière, are mini explosions of joy for your tastebuds.

Of course, one can’t discuss the art without recognizing the skill of the artist behind Monèr, Chef Freny Fernandes. Having worked at multiple Michelin-star restaurants in New York, including Chef Daniel Boulud’s three Michelin-starred eponymous restaurant, the young chef’s culinary skills are far from novice levels. From honing her skills at Mumbai’s JW Marriott Juhu to studying at The Culinary Institute of America and even creating fabulous desserts at Tiffany’s Blue Box Café, popular for Priyanka Chopra’s bridal shower, Chef Freny has grown to be a well known, loved, and respected name in the culinary world.

Since it’s a high tea, one would be remiss to not mention the tea itself. Expect perfection in a cup with Anandini Himalayan teas; handcrafted single-estate brews with delicate flavours. The Snow Kissed Kashmir Infusion, for instance, is a refreshing green tea that turns a beautiful pink thanks to hints of the cockscomb flower. It is also sprinkled with saffron, marigold and cardamom. 

The Indian Bouquet tea is another favourite, infused with rose petals, chamomile, rhododendron, and cornflower, woven in with the freshness of lemongrass. The assortment of teas also includes first flush black tea accompanied by lavender and lemongrass, a herbal caffeine-free blend, and a special Russian breakfast tea. Being a coffee lover, however, it’s reassuring to know that there’s perfectly good coffee to complement the high tea as well.

A rare sight in a city like Mumbai, Monèr’s high tea promises to be an authentic fairytale feast designed to enchant and delight. And with the pandemic far from gone, this is a safe space and treat everyone needs now more than more.

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