Treat your sweet Valentine right with these 10 decadent desserts

If not done with desserts in the plural, you ain’t done your Valentine’s Day right!

Whether you believe in the day of Saint Valentine or not, there’s really no better day to celebrate love. New love fireworks? Mourning the end of a previous (and burnt out!) flame? Or simply in the mood for some self love? 

Whatever be the reason or occasion, desserts always transcend it all to get top billing. Read on to discover the best 10 indulgent desserts guaranteed to make your heart flutter this Valentine’s day!


This valentine's day, mochi your way into bae's heart with this delicious and exotic dessert. Image: unsplash
This Valentine’s Day, mochi your way into bae’s heart with this delicious and exotic dessert. Image: Unsplash

An exotic dessert gifted to the world by Japan, this trendy treat is a delicious marriage of colour and the perfect amount of sweetness. Available in a myriad of colours, mochi is truly a labour of love and befitting the occasion. Prepared with sticky rice and a delicious range of fillings, it’s perfect for those who don’t like their desserts too sweet. The different types of fillings include anko (red bean paste), shiroan (white bean paste), ice cream, custard, strawberries, and even cookie dough! Score brownie points if bae is crazy about Anime. 

Strawberry shortcake (gluten free) 

A gluten-free strawberry shortcake can be tasty too, and this v-day dessert is a sure hit amongst fitness lovers! Image: pexel
A gluten-free strawberry shortcake can be tasty too, and this V-Day dessert is a sure hit amongst fitness lovers! Image: Pexel

If bae’s on a diet but looking like a snacc, maybe Valentine’s Day is a good time to treat them with some dessert. This healthy gluten free strawberry shortcake comes off as the right option for the occasion. Strawberries macerated in syrup, along with some freshly baked pastry or biscuit and a bit of whipped cream; what more do we need to say? What better dessert than one that gives you all the indulgence with none of the guilt!

Fruit popsicle 

Want something unconventional this Valentine’s? Over that same old chocolate, caramel, and cream? A fruit popsicle is a light, healthy alternative! And guess what, you can even share it with your furry four-legged Valentine! Made with honey, coconut milk (not necessary) and puree of any fruit of your choice, fruit popsicles are fun to eat as well as fun to prepare! If you and your date decide to keep it low key this year, turn this dessert into a fun activity and enjoy at home!

Bento cakes 

Taking Instagram by storm, Bento cakes are these cute customised miniature cakes which come in small boxes, perfect for two. Currently trending, they are definitely desserts to watch out for this Valentine’s Day. Small enough to be eaten alone or shared, these cakes come in every flavour imaginable! The best part? They can be customised. Go on and send a loved one a bento cake in their favourite colour with a personalised message! 

Sugar cookies

Valentine's desserts just got as easy as a sweet homemade sugar cookie. Image: unsplash
Valentine’s desserts just got as easy as a sweet homemade sugar cookie. Image: Unsplash

Want to bake something for a change? A fun little activity for the kids this Valentine’s day? Or want to impress your partner with an intimate handmade dessert? Sugar cookies in the shape of hearts might be your salvation. All you need is some sugar, flour, butter, eggs, vanilla, and baking powder! Add icing of your choice, sprinklers, edible glitter and there’s a dessert everyone will fall for. 

Tart cherry and mint sorbet

Nothing like some tart cherry and mint sorbet desserts to complement the sweetness of valentine's day! Image: unsplash
Nothing like some tart cherry and mint sorbet desserts to complement the sweetness of Valentine’s Day! Image: Unsplash

Want a vegan alternative? A sorbet could be a refreshing option! Tart cherry and mint sorbet is the perfect combination of sweet and sour. A light, fruit based frozen dessert, it doesn’t contain any dairy. So make some at home or order it online, and take a break from the traditional heavy and calorie rich desserts in the market!

Matcha or green tea ice cream 

With matcha flavoured desserts on everyone’s radar, this Valentine’s day shoot your shot with some matcha ice-cream! The vibrant green colour and punchy delicious flavours make for a sure hit. If you’ve not been exposed to this flavour so far, what better trust-fall for bae and you than some sweet but not too sweet dessert? You’ll thank us later.

Fudgy chocolate cake 

How can a list of Valentine’s treats be complete without at least one rich chocolate dessert? Let your carnal instincts take over as you devour this fudgy chocolate cake with your loved one. Or better still, eat it alone and enjoy the simple pleasures of the chocolate coating your tongue. If you are feeling a tad bit healthy, order a vegan or gluten free option instead.

Peaches and cream pie

In the mood to bake but no oven? A peaches and cream pie is a no-bake dessert which is easy to make! All you need is a shortbread cookie crust, some sweet peach filling, a cream cheese layer, any topping of your choice and the pie of your dreams is ready! Paired with the perfect wine, enjoy a romantic candle light dinner with your Valentine.

Prosecco grapes 

Ending the list with the simplest of desserts, this one is for the adults to enjoy. Soak some grapes in white wine (if available, then Prosecco is preferred) and vodka and keep it in the fridge for about an hour. Pat the grapes dry and sprinkle some sugar and you are good to go! Munch on them as you watch a romantic film and enjoy your effortless unique dessert for a low-key Valentine’s Day.

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