Champagne Gold luxury hot sauce

Chilli No. 5, a brand by Chef Colin Ross and entrepreneur Rumble Romagnoli, offers up the Champagne Gold luxury hot sauce, packed to the gills with decadent flavours and amazing health benefits.

If you’re looking for sauces to add flavour to your meals, look no further than Chilli No. 5. Created by Chef Colin Ross and entrepreneur Rumble Romagnoli during the course of the pandemic, Chilli No. 5 is not just about delicious flavours but sustainability too.

Champagne gold luxury hot sauce
Chilli No. 5’s Champagne Gold luxury hot sauce doesn’t just come with luxurious ingredients such as 23 karat edible gold and champagne but also those with great health benefits, such as ginseng, turmeric and ginger.
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“I founded Chilli No. 5 because it was impossible to find high-quality, healthy hot sauces at the supermarket or even at restaurants. During the lockdown, people were cooking more at home and were discovering the challenge of recreating their favorite bold flavors. We created our sauces to elevate your plate,” says Chef Ross.

Chilli No. 5’s sauces come in glass vials or bottles in cardboard boxes, all completely recyclable. The bottles can be refilled with recyclable plastic pouches that are six times more sustainable than a plastic bottle. The company also offers money-back on new orders if the packaging is sent back to their headquarters in Monaco. Aside from gift and tasting collections, and regular orders, consumers can also sign up for a subscription service.

The Champagne Gold hot sauce is a limited edition, and comes packed with 23 karat gold, champagne, blueberries, black grapes, turmeric, cranberries, apple cider and distilled vinegar (sulphites), raspberry, water, fresh ginger, fresh basil, fresh mint, lemon, lime, Agave syrup, fenugreek, inulin, guarana, maca, Korean ginseng and L-Arginine. That’s a whole lot of luxury, with a great dose of health benefits too. It goes with all kinds of meats, seafood and vegetarian and vegan foods as well.

Sounds like a delicious and decadent way to spice up your meals, doesn’t it? But you better hurry, only 50 bottles of Chilli No. 5 Champagne Gold hot sauce are available.

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