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The joy of discovering new places has kept travel and food writer Pallavi Pasricha on the road for more than 15 years and taken her to more than 23 countries. For her a destination is the sum total of many things: uncovering the quaint and unexpected, understanding its people and customs and delving headlong into the local cuisine. She's worked with top media companies and writes on travel and food for leading digital and print publications. Her work can be seen on her website www.pallavipasricha.com

Coconut daiquiri

How to make Thai-inspired cocktails

If cocktails bring to mind classics like whiskey sour, mojito, martini, Bloody Mary and daiquiri, then get some inspiration from Thailand and add these twists There are no typical Thai cocktails, but…

Variety of thai beer

All about Thai drinks

There is a lot more to Thai drinks than meets the eye. While beer and whiskey rule, wine is slowly climbing the popularity charts. Sarthak Mathur, Assistant Food & Beverage Manager, Radisson…

Singha beer from thailand

A toast to Thai drinks

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Baan thai oberoi kolkata

Best Thai restaurants in India

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Thai cuisine green curry

An introduction to Thai cuisine

If your palate’s affair with Thai food has been limited to red and green curry or tom yum soup and pad thai, then you have barely scratched the surface of a complex…

In a can cocktails

Cocktails in a can are here

Viraj Sawant and Sameer Mirajkar have done everyone a favour by launching In A Can, the country’s first crafted canned cocktails. It’s just what the millennials ordered If you are able to…