TD Conversations: Chef Daniele Macioce on everything you need to know about Italian cuisine

Did you know that pizza is regarded as street food in Italy? Also, that it is never sliced but served whole? And that regional dishes rule this much-loved cuisine ? Chef Daniele Macioce, Italian Chef De Cuisine, La Piazza, Hyatt Regency Delhi, tells us more about Italian food.

“This cuisine is all about simplicity, local ingredients and it varies regionally,” says Daniele Macioce, the Italian Chef De Cuisine at La Piazza, Hyatt Regency Delhi. Growing up in Cremona, Southern Lombardy, he spent his days in his mother’s kitchen, where he came to love and learn about Italian cuisine. While the world may be most familiar with pastas and pizzas, the real winners are regional dishes with a lot of emphasis on preparing them with fresh, local produce.

Macioce worked as a chef in Lombardy for 10 years in several regional restaurants and also on cruise ships. He then carried these skills to restaurants in Egypt, Cyprus, China and even India, where he was part of the award-winning Italian restaurant, Tre Forni, at Park Hyatt Hyderabad for five years.

Chef daniele macioce of la piazza, hyatt regency new delhi
Chef Daniele Macioce of La Piazza, Hyatt Regency New Delhi

In this interview he reveals some interesting insights — pasta is a substitute for soup, it is eaten al dente without too much sauce, Tiramisu is not found in many restaurant menus but is more of a home dessert and a pizza is usually not shared. To know more about Italian cuisine watch this interview. 

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