One chef, one recipe: Vanshika Bhatia makes a coconut & marshmallow fluff pie

Vanshika Bhatia, chef and co-owner of Petite Pie shop, combines two Christmas classics to come up with this dessert with a twist — a coconut & marshmallow fluff pie.

Think Christmas and pies immediately come to mind — be they sweet or savoury. And, of course, winter is incomplete until you’ve sat around a bonfire and had toasted marshmallows and hot chocolate. Now how about combining the two? Chef Vanshika Bhatia, co-owner and chef of Petite Pie Shop in Gurgaon, has done just that by making a coconut pie with a marshmallow topping.

Having studied at Le Cordon Bleu in London, Vanshika loves Christmas in that city and enjoys toasting marshmallows herself. That is how she thought of putting them on a pie. She has worked with some of the best restaurants in the world — Noma in Copenhagen, Gaggan in Bangkok, and Junoon in Dubai.

Now she runs a French-style bistro and café called Petite Pie Shop — which is all about sweet and savoury pies. It’s one of a kind in the city. This recipe may look a bit complicated but it’s worth the effort.  

Chef vanshika bhatia of petite pie shop has honed her culinary skills at le cordon bleu, london and leading restaurants around the world
Chef Vanshika Bhatia of Petite Pie Shop has honed her culinary skills at Le Cordon Bleu, London and leading restaurants around the world

Coconut & marshmallow fluff pie

This recipe has two elements — the coconut flan and the marshmallow — that need to be put together in a tart shell.

Coconut flan


  • 1 egg
  • 45 gms cream cheese
  • 45 gms coconut milk 
  • 70 gms evaporated milk
  • 80 gms condensed milk
  • 2 tsp coconut milk powder
  • 20 gms sugar for the caramel


  • In a blender add all the ingredients except the sugar. Do not over blend, just enough to mix all ingredients properly. 
  • In a pan add the sugar in an even layer and switch on the heat. Let the sugar melt and become a golden caramel. No water needed for this, it’s called a dry caramel. 
  • Pour the hot caramel on a cake tin and let it set.
  • Place the cake tin in a tray with some depth and pour water in the tray.
  • Pour the flan batter on top of the set caramel.
  • Bake it at 140-150 degrees C in the tray of water for 45 minutes. The tray of water is important so the flan does not get direct heat and cooks to a smooth consistency.
  • Let the flan cool completely before demoulding.
  • To demould, run a knife around the edges and flip on to a plate. 
Vanshika bhatia's coconut & marshmallow fluff pie is the best of many worlds
Vanshika Bhatia’s coconut & marshmallow fluff pie is the best of many worlds

Coconut marshmallow


  • 5 gms gelatine
  • 36 ml water
  • 60 gms sugar
  • 2 tsp coconut milk powder
  • 1 tsp chopped coconut
  • 42 gms glucose syrup


  • Make sugar syrup by heating sugar in a flat pan till it reaches 117 degrees C. The temperature is important.
  • Then quickly add all the ingredients except the gelatine in a stand mixer and start mixing.
  • Add the gelatine while the ingredients are being mixed and stop when the mixture is fluffy.
  • Put in a piping bag instantly and pipe. 


  • In a baked tart shell demould the flan, caramel side up. 
  • Pipe the coconut marshmallow on top.
  • With a blow torch caramelise the marshmallow.
  • Garnish with some golden sugar balls and grated coconut. 

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