Christmas cocktails masterclass: Kissed By Winter by Joel Scholtens Lindsay

A gin cocktail made of figs and apple juice, dry fruits and nut whiskey liqueur with some cinnamon smoke truly defines winter.

Aptly named ‘Kissed By Winter’ and created by Joel Scholtens Lindsay, the Mixologist and Liquid Chef at The Blue Bar, Taj Palace, New Delhi, this gin cocktail contains notes of cinnamon smoke, apple juice, and figs. Joel even adds a bit of winter spice syrup that he makes inhouse. “It has cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, star anise and black pepper — I just cook it with sugar and water at a low temperature for about an hour,” he says. Joel then lets it sit for about six hours so that it soaks in all the flavours.

The dry fruit and nut whiskey liqueur, also made in-house by Joel, packs in a lot of flavour for that perfect winter touch. He throws in nuts like walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, dried apricots, prunes, dates and infuses them with single malt whiskey for about two weeks and then adds sugar and some water so that it is not too strong.

The aromas of Kissed By Winter will begin to hit you as you make it. You’ve been warned!

Kissed By Winter

Fig cocktail


·      50 ml gin

·      10 ml homemade dried fruit and nut whiskey liqueur

·      2 figs

·      45 ml apple juice 

·      5 ml winter spice syrup 

·      2 dashes Blue Bar house bitters

·      Cinnamon smoke

Glass: Small goblet


·      Muddle two figs and add 45 ml of apple juice in the shaker.

·      Add the winter spice syrup, two dashes Blue Bar house bitters, 60 ml gin, 10 ml homemade dried fruit and nut whisky liqueur and ice.

·      Shake it well.

·      Fill a bottle with cinnamon smoke using a smoke gun.

·      Double strain into the smoke-filled bottle.

·      After 5 or 10 seconds pour it into a small goblet glass. 

·      Garnish it with a fig and dried apple pegged to the side of the glass.

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