Christmas cocktails masterclass: Rusty Wooden Nail by Joel Scholtens Lindsay

The Liquid Chef at The Blue Bar at Taj Palace, New Delhi makes a fig and sandalwood infused cocktail that’s perfect for this season.

Christmas is the time to whip up some creative cocktails. Take a tip from Joel Scholtens Lindsay, the Mixologist and Liquid Chef at The Blue Bar at Taj Palace, New Delhi who loves infusing whiskies with unusual, exotic flavours. He infused Johnnie Walker Green Label with sandalwood and Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey with dried figs to come up with this innovative cocktail that is served in stunning marble glasses. Joel picked up these glasses from Jodhpur, Rajasthan, while on his honeymoon.

“Green Label already has some beautiful sandalwood notes but infusing it in a glass bottle with sandalwood pieces really intensifies the flavour. And figs are one of the best fruits of winter time,” explains Joel. He says that with most infusions, if it’s a fresh fruit then the maximum flavour comes out in 24 hours while infusions with dried fruit take three to four days. “For me it’s more about getting the right amount rather than the right amount of time.”

When you want a change from the usual favourites then give this whisky-based cocktail a shot at home this Christmas.

Rusty Wooden Nail

Rusty wooden nail drink in marble glass.


  • 45 ml sandalwood-infused Johnnie Walker Green Label
  • 30 ml dried fig-infused Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey whiskey.
  • Juice of a quarter of a lemon.

Glass: Marble goblet


  • In a shaker, add 45 ml of sandalwood-infused whisky, 30 ml of dried fig-infused whiskey, juice of a quarter lemon and fill it with ice and shake well till your hands hurt with the cold. 
  • Double strain over one cube of ice into a marble glass.
  • Strain the leftovers into a separate whisky snifter glass.
  • Garnish the glass with a dried fig and lemon twist.

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