Christmas cocktails masterclass by Joel Scholtens Lindsay

Learn how to make four wonderful cocktails that truly define Christmas and winter in the best possible manner.
Joel scholtens lindsay is the liquid chef at the blue bar, taj palace, new delhi
Joel scholtens lindsay is the liquid chef at the blue bar, taj palace, new delhi

Having spent over a decade at The Blue Bar at Taj Palace, New Delhi, Joel Scholtens Lindsay has fine-tuned the art of whipping up innovative, out-of-the-box cocktails. These four cocktails blend the aromas and taste of winter, making them perfect for the Christmas season, so watch the videos from the links below and try them at home.

Joel is from the East coast of Australia and loves travelling. During his trips to UK, USA, Europe, Asia, and North Africa, he was influenced by diverse cultures and tastes and has managed to blend this knowledge into the cocktails he makes. The award-winning mixologist, who has been doing this craft for 24 years, is certainly not afraid to experiment. For some of these cocktails he’s infused Johnnie Walker with sandalwood and Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey with dried figs. He’s also made a winter spice syrup with dry fruits and nuts and despite being from Australia where Christmas is celebrated in the summer season, he makes some of the best-mulled wine in the city.

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Here are the four cocktails you can try at home.

Rusty Wooden Nail

Served in lovely marble glasses, this cocktail has a lot of infused liquor. Lindsay has infused Johnnie Walker Green Label with sandalwood and Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey with dried figs.  


This whiskey-based cocktail is made from bitter aperitivo, Crème De Cacao liqueur, and spice bitters that are made in-house by Joel. And the Talisker whiskey too is infused with butter-rinsed tandoor oven roasted pineapple.

Kissed By Winter

This gin cocktail lives up to its name with notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, star anise, and black pepper that come from the winter spice syrup made by Joel and a beautiful dry fruit and nut whisky liqueur made of walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, dried apricots, prunes, and dates. And all this is infused with cinnamon smoke.

Mulled wine

You may have had this many times during the Christmas season but do you know what goes into making a perfect mulled wine? How long do you need to simmer it and what kind of a wine should one be using? Learn all this and more from Joel in this video.

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