Private-dining experiences at Amanbagh to pamper you like royalty

Why confine yourself to dinner at the resort restaurant when you could dine in a private chhatri or in a thrilling jungle setting or a romantic one under the stars? Luxury resort Amanbagh in Ajabgarh, Rajasthan, provides you with a plethora of options to make your meals special and memorable. 

Holidays can make for wonderful memories, especially if there are some bespoke experiences woven in. When it comes to fine dining, Amanbagh in Ajabgarh pulls out all the stops for its guests. Meals are not just meals here, they are experiences to be savoured. From a private breakfast besides a stunning lake to an offsite Chhatri dinner or even a bespoke cooking class followed by lunch, the culinary experiences at Amanbagh are in a league of their own. These are a few of the most special:

Library terrace

Amanbagh, rajasthan, india

Imagine having dinner at the library terrace, surrounded by flower rangolis and diyas and overlooking the mesmerising night-time play of light and reflections on the main swimming pool. It’s small enough for just two, but can accommodate up to 12 if required.

Dining under the stars

Amanbagh, rajasthan, india

Imagine a hundred candles lining the way, soft white fabric flowing in the breeze, a butler, a musician. Culinary dreams come true here… The venue can also be used for twilight cocktails, renewal of vows or other celebrations.

Offsite chhatri dinner

Amanbagh, rajasthan, india

For a once-in-a-lifetime experience, allow the nice folks at Amanbagh to whisk you away to a chhatri just five minutes from the property. Take a hundred diyas, add a million stars, one musician and a loved one and you have the perfect setting for an unforgettable evening. A private chef and server completes the picture.

Pool pavilion dinner

Amanbagh, rajasthan, india

Set in the privacy of a pool pavilion, decorated with shimmering curtains, flower rangolis and diyas, with the soothing background sounds of traditional Rajasthani music, this is the perfect setting for a relaxing and romantic evening.

Roof-top chhatri

Amanbagh, rajasthan, india

As the name suggests, this fine-dining experience is on the roof of the main building and offers amazing views of the pool and the surrounding Aravalli hills. Magnificently decorated with diyas and flower rangolis and a choice of cuisine, this is the ideal place for a romantic breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Jhilmil Baada

Amanbagh, rajasthan, india

‘Baada’ is a patch of land where the royal cooks would prepare a feast during a hunt. ‘Jhilmil Baada’ is inspired by the princely era, when the royals carried out their hunting expeditions, and something from the hunt would usually be cooked on a spit-fire. Making your way through the tall elephant grass, you enter a mud-plastered platform lit by diyas and lanterns, ready for an evening of celebration. It’s a majestic culinary journey re-creating the whole royal experience.

Somsagar lake breakfast

Breakfast at somsagar lake

A short hike through a narrow gorge of white marble stone will bring you to Somsagar lake, a refuge for birds and other wildlife. The water levels rise high during the monsoon season and can drop very low during the dry spell. Depending on the time of year, you may be lucky enough to witness traditional farmers harvesting water chestnuts. The spot is ideal for an early morning breakfast or a scrumptious picnic lunch.

Breakfast or lunch at Bhangarh

Breakfast or lunch at bhangrah

A visit to Bhangarh is a must during your stay at Amanbagh. This 16th-century ghost town just minutes away from the gates of Amanbagh offers a glimpse into ancient India’s tales of black magic and love. Enjoy breakfast or a delicious picnic lunch in a deserted temple here.

Cooking class and lunch

Try your hand at cooking some traditional Indian dishes with one of Amanbagh’s talented chefs. Stroll through their extensive organic garden, picking edible flowers and veggies and discovering the variety and combination of herbs and spices from rural Rajasthan and further afield. And you can feast on the fruits of your labour afterwards.

Ajabgarh, Rajasthan, India
Tel: +91 1465 223 333 / +91 9828 166 737

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