By The Mekong is the latest fine-dining address to explore Southeast Asian cuisine

Located high atop The St. Regis Mumbai, By The Mekong’s latest makeover is opulence personified
The interiors at by the mekong are reflective of the pan southeast asian cuisine, and hold private dining spaces as well
The interiors at By The Mekong are reflective of the pan Southeast Asian cuisine, and hold private dining spaces as well

The re-opening of By the Mekong, an award-winning Oriental dining venue at The St. Regis Mumbai is marked by sleek interiors and a decadent menu. Already renowned for its glamorous interiors, the stunning new design has simply taken the restaurant to a newer level. 

Nestled on Level 37,  By The Mekong features a brand new lounge showcasing a collection of handcrafted Asian cocktails and tea-infusions, freshly concocted by skilled bartenders. Flanked by stunning vistas of the city on both sides, one can feast on the best views of Mumbai while indulging in some true blue Oriental delicacies. The panoramic views at By The Mekong offers views of Mumbai’s green oasis, The Racecourse along the Arabian Sea and the beautiful city skyline view.

The restaurant derives its influence from the Mekong River (which meanders through parts of Southeast Asia and China), blending Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese cuisines. The menu is a delicious amalgamation of all the cuisines, providing you the opportunity to explore the best they have to offer. It helps that the staff here are simply excellent, and have zero hesitations about going the extra mile for you. 

Chef paul kinny, culinary director at the st. Regis mumbai and his team have worked sincerely towards maintaining the authentic flavours at by the mekong
Chef Paul Kinny, Culinary Director at The St. Regis Mumbai and his team have worked sincerely towards maintaining the authentic flavours at By The Mekong

To maintain authenticity of the cuisine, Chef Paul Kinny, Culinary Director at St. Regis, and his team have carried on the legacy of Sichuan style home cooking, with a gourmet elevation to it, of course. They ensure the flavors of this region are brought to life in one of the most stunning settings the city has to offer. 

Families may often be put off from attending a fine-dining restaurant but By The Mekong prides itself on being a home for all. With latticed partitions allowing for a secluded private dining evening and a serene environment, this is a restaurant that truly embodies what fine-dining should be like. There’s also plenty of Oriental artefacts peppered across the restaurant, maintaining the authentic Southeast Asian vibes of the place.

At by the mekong, it's the crispy silken tofu with sweet chili, holy basil & local red onion that easily wins the latest menu
At By The Mekong, it’s the Crispy Silken Tofu with Sweet Chili, Holy Basil & Local Red Onion that easily wins the latest menu

The menu at By The Mekong is a reflection of the culinary team’s efforts to reflect cuisines from regions that dot the course of the Mekong River. What sets the menu apart, is that unlike what you might expect from Oriental menus, there’s plenty of dishes for vegetarians to tuck in. 

From the Edamame Truffle Dumpling, to the Kra Pao Hot Stone Rice, or the Chicken Satay, and even the Pomelo Salad, the appetizers are as filling as they are sumptuous. Surprisingly, it’s the Crispy Silken Tofu that’ll keep you coming back for more, with its creamy and crunchy textures and a  burst of flavours in every bite. 

Work your way to the mains with specialities like By The Mekong Chicken, Ginger Smoked Jasmine Rice, Thai Green Curry, Pad Thai Noodles, Massaman Curry, and the Thai Grilled Fish amongst others. 

A vibrant space set against the backdrop of the best views of Mumbai with a stellar Asian menu, By The Mekong is definitely worth a visit to make special occasions all the better! 

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