Unvined with Jacob’s Creek as they venture into the non-alcoholic beverage space

Who said teetotallers can’t have fun too? With Unvined, Jacob’s Creek offers a non-alcoholic alternative for all.
Unvined is jacob's creek's answer to occassions that call for wine without the alcohol content.
Unvined is Jacob’s Creek’s answer to occassions that call for wine without the alcohol content.

One of Australia’s leading wines, Jacob’s Creek has long adorned shelves of any respectable wine connoisseur. The clean flavours are hard to refuse, and the wine simply stunning. 

With their latest range titled Unvined, the brand is now dipping its toes in the pool of non-alcoholic beverages. This wine is made with less than 0.5% alcohol, and is currently available in two varietals, namely, Riesling and Shiraz. 

A modern expression of winemaking, Unvined is the perfect answer to occasions that call for wine appreciation minus the inebriation. Now, you can sit back and nurse a glass of PG rated wine that retains the true character of the original styles and flavours. The winemakers at Jacob’s Creek use sophisticated technology which removes alcohol whilst capturing most of the original aromas and flavours of the wine. 

Cheers to non-alcohol wine that doesn't compromise on flavours!
Cheers to non-alcohol wine that doesn’t compromise on flavours!

An additional benefit is the health aspect of Unvined, of course. The range has 50% less calories than regular wine of the same varietal. The same was done in catering to the evolved consumer base looking for varied options to suit their preferences and mood. With this venture, Jacob’s Creek continues to cement itself as a brand with an envious portfolio, and definitely one to keep your eyes on! 

Kartik Mohindra, Chief Marketing Officer, Pernod Ricard India, says, “Non-alcoholic wine may sound counterintuitive and something out of the ordinary, however sometimes it’s exactly what the evening calls for. The idea behind creation of Unvined was to ensure that everyone is able to celebrate important life moments with their friends and family in a way that fits with their lifestyle. Given Jacob’s Creek’s vast expertise in winemaking, we have created a product that has a perfect balance of taste while preserving the natural grape profile. We are proud to release Unvined in India. It is an exceptional product with less than 0.5% alcohol and a faithful expression of premium wines from Australia”. 

The unvined shiraz is one of several interesting varietals offered by jacob's creek.
The Unvined Shiraz is one of several interesting varietals offered by Jacob’s Creek.

The Unvined Riesling offers attractive citrus, lime and floral notes that are typical of Australian Riesling. The light bodied palate of the non-alcoholic wine with refreshing fruit notes is balanced by a crisp acidity on the finish. Meanwhile, the Unvined Shiraz has appealing plum, blackberry and spice notes distinctive to a South Australian Shiraz. Its medium bodied palate delivers sweet fruit and light toasty oak flavour supported by soft ripe tannins. 

What’s a good wine without some food pairings to go with it? For the Riesling white meat, seafood dishes and salads make for a perfect companion. As for the Shiraz, curries leaning towards a lighter style preparation would be unparalleled accompaniments. You can grab a bottle to test out if you’re based out of Mumbai, Delhi, or have access to Amazon.

So go ahead, now it can safely be wine ‘o’ clock 24×7! 

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