Bira 91 launches its first Gose-style beer with Japan’s Far Yeast Brewing Company

A unique combination of local ingredients from both India and Japan, the Yuzu Gose Sour beer is refreshing to say the least.
The bira 91 x far yeast brewing company made yuzu gose sour pairs extremely well with some kuro shichimi chicken for a perfect summer afternoon.
The Bira 91 x Far Yeast Brewing Company made Yuzu Gose Sour pairs extremely well with some Kuro Shichimi Chicken for a perfect summer afternoon.

Bira 91, the world’s fastest growing premium beer brand, has been dishing out some truly scintillating brews over the past few months. 

Their limited edition launch of 4 distinct beers made of unusual flavours truly cemented their place in the market, with their portion of the pie increasing steadily. Amidst it all, they’ve brought in another banger of a beer into the market, and it’s a first for them! 

In collaboration with Far Yeast Brewing Company, one of Japan’s most innovative brewing companies, Bira 91 launched its first Gose style beer, Yuzu Gose Sour. This collaboration marks the 70th year of diplomatic friendship between the countries

A sweet potato chaat to go with a sour beer.
A sweet potato chaat to go with a sour beer.

Commenting on the collaboration, Deepak Sinha, VP, Marketing, Bira 91, says, “We are extremely excited to partner with Far Yeast Brewing Company, and launch the Yuzu Gose Sour, a beer that is a unique blend of Indian and Japanese flavours. This collaboration brings together Bira 91 and Far Yeast Brewery’s passion for experimenting with new beer styles and our brewer’s relentless pursuit to continue innovating and bringing diverse flavours to consumers. As a brand, we have a very strong association with Japan given our deep-rooted relationship with Kirin Holdings. Through this collaboration, we also wish to celebrate the 70th year of diplomatic friendship between the two countries.”

Traditionally, a Gose-style beer is a wheat beer which features low hop bitterness and refreshing crispness. Here, the Yuzu Gose Sour has been brewed from a combination of Himalayan Pink Salt sourced from India, and the peel of Yuzu, a traditional Japanese citrus fruit cultivated in Japan’s Kochi Prefecture region. The same is also often used to make Kagua – a popular Japanese ale. What stays the same is the perfect complementary nature of these ingredients, making for the perfect sour beer experience. 

The bira 91 yuzu gose sour beer is a first for the brand, and we're here for it!
The Bira 91 Yuzu Gose Sour Beer is a first for the brand, and we’re here for it!

While the style has always been popular in both countries, it’s Bira’s first time exploring and experimenting with the same. And given the seemingly never-ending sticky summer, Yuzu Gose Sour couldn’t have come at a better time. 

On his end, Shiro Yamada, CEO, Far Yeast Brewery, comments, “Beer/Craft Beer culture is similar in Indian and Japan in a sense that, we are both uniquely innovating the craft beer culture from the USA. We are both the leaders of this new world. I wish that this cross collaboration will be the first step to elevate the unique craft beer culture in the new world.”

Since its launch at the Bira 91 Limited Release Taproom in Koramangala, Bangalore earlier this week, the beer has been extremely well-received by connoisseurs and skeptics alike.

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