The World’s Best Restaurant list announces its 51-100 rankings

Ahead of the top 50 announcement event to be held on 18 July, The World’s Best Restaurant list released their 51-100 rankings.
Kol is one of the newest entrants on world's 50 best restaurant's list at no. 73.
Kol is one of the newest entrants on World’s Best Restaurants list at no. 73.

Sponsored by S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna, the heavily anticipated World’s 50 Best Restaurants released the rankings of the 51-100 restaurants. The main event for the top 50 is due to take place during a red carpet ceremony held in London, UK, on 18 July.

Now on its 20th year, The World’s 50 Best Restaurants is returning to London, where the list was first dreamt up. Ever since their inception in 2002, a series of panels compiled from global experts have voted for the restaurants they believe deserve a spot on the list. 

There are a few rules in place to ensure fairness, namely, those on the panel can’t vote for any restaurant they have an economic interest in. Additionally, they must have eaten at restaurants that win their votes in the previous 19 months.

Chili bhajia, rajasthani kadhi at tresind studio, dubai - now on the world’s best restaurant list.
Chili bhajia, rajasthani kadhi at Tresind Studio, Dubai – now on the World’s Best Restaurant list.

The 51-100 list includes three London restaurants – Shoreditch stalwart Brat (81), new entry Kol (73), and Lyle’s (54). There are 23 new entries from 15 different cities on this year’s list, including the Indian-inspired Trèsind Studio in Dubai (57) and townhouse restaurant Rosetta in Mexico City (60). 

These extended rankings allow a greater number of hospitality establishments across the world increased visibility. Currently, the list features 22 territories from across six continents, with Asia boasting the majority of entries at 14. The continent is closely followed by Europe with 13, and North America in the third position with 11. Oceania has the fewest venues represented with just one restaurant.

An extremely revered list in the culinary world, inclusion in the 50 Best can bring widespread popularity to an outlet — besides giving its owners endless bragging rights.

Tresind studio also made its debut on the list, representing dubai at no. 57.
Tresind Studio also made its debut on the list, representing Dubai at no. 57.

It’s a debut for both Tresind Studio and Orfali Bros from Dubai, although boat restaurants have won several accolades in the last year alone, including but not limited to MENA’s 50 Best Restaurants.

Tresind Studio serves a set tasting menu and is an extension of Tresind, which opened in Dubai in 2014. Known for its experimental take on Indian food, it was one of 11 to receive a coveted star in the first listing of Michelin Guide Dubai, which called it a “masterpiece of originality and precision”. The restaurant also has an outlet in Mumbai, frequented by gourmands looking for elevated dining.

Take a look at the full list below:

51. Alcalde, Guadalajara

52. Sud 777, Mexico City

53. D.O.M., São Paulo

54. Lyle’s, London

55. Azurmendi, Larrabetzu

56. La Colombe, Cape Town

57. Trèsind Studio, Dubai

58. Alléno Paris au Pavillon Ledoyen, Paris

59. Sazenka, Tokyo

60. Rosetta, Mexico City

61. La Grenouillère, La Madelaine-sous-Montreuil

62. Ernst, Berlin

63. Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare, New York

64. Fu He Hui. Shanghai

65. Le Du, Bangkok

66. Sühring, Bangkok

67. Evvai, São Paulo

68. Kjolle,  Lima

69. Cosme, New York

70. Zén, Singapore

71. Mingles, Seoul

72. Atelier Crenn, San Francisco

73. Kol, London

74. Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Pocantico Hills

75. Samrub Samrub Thai, Bangkok

76. Neighborhood, Hong Kong

77. Table by Bruno Verjus, Paris

78. Lasai, Rio de Janeiro

79. Estela, New York

80. AM par Alexandre Mazzia, Marseille

81. Brat, London

82. Sézanne, Tokyo

83. El Chato, Bogotá

84. Gimlet at Cavendish House, Melbourne

85. Raan Jay Fai, Bangkok

86. Mikla, Istanbul

87. Orfali Bros Bistro, Dubai

88. Mishiguene, Buenos Aires

89. Máximo Bistrot, Mexico City

90. Wolfgat, Paternoster

91. Oriole, Chicago

92. Indian Accent, New Delhi

93. Hertog Jan at Botanic Sanctuary, Antwerp

94. Burnt Ends, Singapore

95. Meta, Singapore

96. Maní, São Paulo

97. Benu, San Francisco

98. Tantris, Munich

99. Flocons de Sel, Megève

100. Wing, Hong Kong

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