Multigenerational luxury travel on the rise among Indians: Merlyn Kurian

Crafting a luxury travel itinerary that befits all age groups is a daunting task, but Evershine Holidays Inc does it with class.

Luxury travel companies of today have developed what author Pauline Brown calls ‘aesthetic intelligence.’ This means knowing and understanding what good taste is and catering to customers in a manner that stimulates all five senses to create delight.

Merlyn Kurian, Founder of Evershine Holidays Inc, believes in doing just that. Having spent over two decades in the business of luxury travel, aesthetics has become a key differentiating factor for her business. Kurian’s customers are high networth individuals (HNIs). She caters to CXOs, business owners, celebrities, and in extension, their wives, their children, their parents, and grandparents.

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Merlyn Kurian, Founder, Evershine Holidays Inc

“Multigenerational travel is on the rise in India. Never before has our older generations been as fit, healthy and wealthy as they are today. Families are now able to reach destinations that weren’t always accessible. With most of the travel arrangements sorted, and activities and meals included, group tours make traveling as a family easier,” she says.

Crafting an itinerary that suits all age groups is no doubt a daunting task. However, the R&D team of Evershine Holidays spends a lot of time in meaningful interactions with relevant stakeholders to curate moments that money can’t buy.

Guided vacations, special interest tours and activities, such as canoeing, exploring nature, architecture or culture are on the list.

“These travellers also look at cruises, which include plenty of entertainment for all age groups and the chance to visit a number of locations in one trip, such as ocean and river cruises,” says Kurian.

While Maldives has been the most preferred destination for multigenerational travellers, Indian vacations in Karnataka, Kashmir, Himachal, and Rajasthan are stealing the limelight.

Evershine Holidays Inc, which is based in Bangalore, has also crafted packages for the high-spending IT crowd.

“We have curated interesting packages for Dandeli, Gokarna, Karwar, and Hampi. Of course, Coorg and Chikmagalur sells by itself,” she says.

The travel advisor says that the future of luxury will be defined by big stories— stories that reflect deeper connections to other cultures and human interactions.

Multigenerational travel
Guided vacations and special interest tours are preferred by multigenerational travellers.

While Kurian agrees that technology can aid travellers, it cannot really replace a travel advisor.  

“In an age of digital overload, an important facet of the luxury travel experience is the human touch. While travellers rely on technological devices to make choices and find the best holiday trips, they still want to feel that their needs and preferences are understood once they arrive at their destination,” she says.

Kurian added that luxury hotels will have to create strong human bonds to enhance their guest’s trip and make them memorable.

“The ultimate representation of modern luxury will be to put the human touch front and centre to create incredible experiences, supported by – but never supplanted – by technology,” she says.

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