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Caroline Diana is the Deputy Editor of TravelDine. Her life revolves around people, places, and puppies. Caroline is passionate about drones, architecture, pet accessories, and food science.


How Starscapes is pioneering astrotourism in India

Powered by Starscapes, travel curators can now include astro parties and stargazing as part of the holiday package. Starscapes Experiences, the first Indian platform to deliver an integrated astronomy experience, is planning…

Chef krishna khetle

The culinary adventures of Chef Krishna Khetle

The adorable 13-year-old who once invaded his mom’s kitchen is today a charismatic chefpreneur. Had Oscar Wilde been alive today, he’d have written a book on Chef Krishna Khetle. His face is…


How Reliance will transform travel with clean green pod taxis

Reliance has invested in a California-based company called skyTran, which is working on prototypes for cutting-edge pod taxis. Reliance Industries is about to transform the way people travel. If all goes well,…


Covid booster shots to impact India outbound travel

The booster shots will ensure hassle-free travel. India outbound might partially bounce back this year. Thanks to the Covid booster shots now available in India, those administered with the dose will be…

Samit garg

Samit Garg on the transformation of MICE and events

The events industry needs skilled manpower to survive. Events are the lifeblood of sales and marketing. Be it weddings or conclaves, conferences or exhibitions, a country like India cannot thrive without events.…


How brand Karamat is staying loyal to chefs around the world

Nearly 3,000 loyal B2B customers across the world use Karamat products in their kitchens. Every food brand today talks about quality— the quality of ingredients used, the quality of technologies implemented, and…


Men pay tribute to their women co-founders

On International Women’s Day, business owners express their gratitude to women co-founders. There’s been a lot of buzz about the rise of women leaders and how they work in tandem with their…