TD Conversations: Chef Naved Nasir gets candid on his journey with Asian Glitch and more

Launched in Gurugram, Asian Glitch is a cloud kitchen helmed by Parvez Nasir alongwith brother Chef Naved Nasir.
Nothing like the warmth of authentic asian noodle soup to make any day better; asian glitch in gurugram has all that and more!
Nothing like the warmth of authentic Asian noodle soup to make any day better; Asian Glitch in Gurugram has all that and more!

Culinary Director of London famed Dishoom, Chef Naved Nasir has several feathers on his proverbial hat. One of them being the newly launched cloud kitchen Asian Glitch, with brother Parvez steering the ship. 

This new cloud kitchen serving pan-Asian delights is located in Gurugram, Delhi NCR. The fare boasts a fine selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, with specialities inspired by the flavours of Japan, Korea, Tibet, Burma, Malaysia, China and, of course, India.

When Chef Naved assembled his team to curate the menu, there was a particular focus on embodying the spirit of Asian Glitch. 

“Asian Glitch is a very interesting name. The concept revolves around the name. Glitch is an error and history has a lot of evidence where we learnt that “we learn from mistakes”, in fact, someone once said that I have learnt so much from my mistakes that I want to commit more. Glitch here is synonymous with beautiful. We at Asian Glitch want to add a twist to Asian cuisine and present it to our guests in a more flavourful profile,” he says. 

Chef naved's team at asian glitch has a special place for tangra chinese whilst covering the specialities of pan-asian cuisine
Chef Naved’s team at Asian Glitch has a special place for Tangra Chinese whilst covering the specialities of pan-Asian cuisine.

While the menu features pan-Asian specialities with aplomb, the soul of Asian Glitch is Indo Chinese or Tangra Chinese cuisine. This cuisine traces its origins to the by-lanes of Tangra, a Chinese settlement in East Kolkata. Tangra Chinese is primarily the unique ‘Indian’ spin to traditional Hakka Chinese cuisine. Arguably one of the most popular comfort foods of the country, you can find Tangra Chinese just about everywhere from the streets to fine-dining spaces. Characterised by the use of native Indian ingredients that have been adapted to Chinese cooking techniques, this cuisine has gone on to become an intrinsic part of our gastronomic culture.

This was also important to Chef Naved, who considered Tangra Chinese his second favourite following North Indian cuisine. Given the immigration of Chinese migrants and the amalgamation of two different worlds and cultures, Asian Glitch is all about celebrating the nostalgia and euphoria associated with these dishes. 

Asian glitch is chef naved nasir's response to the cravings of fusion cuisine, now an intrinsic part of indian culture
Asian Glitch is Chef Naved Nasir’s response to the cravings of fusion cuisine, now an intrinsic part of Indian culture.

They’ve focused on making use of what’s locally available to provide diners with the ‘butter chicken’ of different Asian cuisines. What you have is a delightful array of dim sums, appetisers, mains, soups and soup bowls, curries, noodles, and rice. In keeping with newly forming diner habits, the team at Asian Glitch is also trained in preparing vegan, allergen-free, and gluten-free food on request.

There’s a bit of Chef Naved in everything across the menu. Given his penchant for bittersweet pairings, there’s a sweet yoghurt and a slightly bitter but very aromatic lemon rind in the Chocolate glitch dessert. There’s also his resilience, which showed when the first wave of COVID-19 hit the world. According to him, what started off a business to survive soon went on to become potentially the most important work of his career.

Asian Glitch is certainly a kitchen that shows heart, not only providing for customers also giving back to the community. 

Chef Naved adds, “Sustainability was one of our major highlights. We were to give back to Mother Nature. Even the contribution is small but in the long run it will make a difference and we genuinely want our planet to be sustainable for the generations to come. All the packaging is recyclable and eco-friendly. Most important for us is hygiene and we can be proud that the kitchen is of international standard with all the hygiene protocols in place with internationally trained chefs.”

With Asian Glitch being a cloud kitchen, the chef emphasises the importance of packaging and travel time. The menu was tested in their current containers on friends and family, with the drive time and home-set up monitored as well. 

“This gave us a lot of insight. For example fried food does not travel well, and a dish with the gravy becomes thicker when it reaches a destination after 30 minutes. The seasoning of the food is more as the dish gets dehydrated. We after prolonged testing rectified these basic learnings and then we worked forward with the look of the dishes and the containers. Since we are not a dine in / brick and mortar restaurant, packaging needs to be top notch. The second most important is the quality and freshness of the ingredients. We have kept it plain, practical, and tasty,” comments Chef Naved. 

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From learning to cut onions right to mastering the ‘cool technique’ of flipping a roomali roti in the air, Chef Naved’s humility reflects in the form of delicious and simple food. Even now, he believes that patience is the most valuable virtue to have developed over the years, especially in the culinary world. With Asian Glitch, he’s given Gurugram the gift of honest-to-goodness food, with a significant amount of thought and attention to detail governing every plate delivered. 

However, it’s not all successful menus and hours spent curating and cooking delicious food. As a Culinary Director, he often has to wear many more hats like doing ‘stuff directly connected to food, i.e., purchase of ingredients and managing costs. All while being a fantastic leader and expert in human resource management’. Again, the menu at Asian Glitch also attempts to juggle the heart of several Asian cuisines, resulting in some soul food.

“Food goes through glitches all the time: the butter chicken crossed the border to become Britain’s national dish, Chicken tikka masala. Welcome to Asian Glitch; where we are trying to capture the essence of this change. Where some really popular dishes from Asian countries have gone through a subtle, beautiful and delicious transformation. Sometimes it’s just due to the use of local ingredients and at others a lot more intentionally – just like Tangra Chinese.” summarises Chef Naved.

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