It’s a treat for gourmands as Glasshouse launches in Gurugram

F&B entrepreneur Vishal Anand and Chef Anahita Dhondy hope to create some magic for Moonshine Food Ventures’ latest experiential gourmet diner, Glasshouse
F&b entrepreneur vishal anand and chef anahita dhondy come together to ensure glasshouse is every foodie's dream come true!
F&B Entrepreneur Vishal Anand and Chef Anahita Dhondy come together to ensure Glasshouse is every foodie’s dream come true!

With three successful restaurants in Gurugram under his kitty, food and beverage entrepreneur Vishal Anand is back with another exciting new opening. Working alongside Chef Anahita Dhondy, one of the leading chefs in India, Vishal is all set to take the city by storm with his experiential gourmet restaurant, Glasshouse. 

The Moonshine Food Ventures (MFVL) outlet opened its doors to the public at Worldmark in Gurugram. The property is unique all the way from its decor to the sustainable menu it aims to offer. Made of a glass ceiling that seeks to cater to the uber elite, it offers eclectic food, artisanal drinks and the best of music. 

Glasshouse echoes Vishal’s favourites across the music, nightlife culture, and the aspiration to be one of its own kind in every sense of the word. With a conservatory theme, the 150-seater restaurant offers customers scenic views of Gurgaon’s skyline with every bite of their meal. Inspired by greenhouse and glass houses, the design and structure of the place is completely encased with glass on all sides.

Vishal adds, “We intend to create a strong portfolio of experiential and iconic restaurants with a mix of diverse and landmark concepts. Steady growth is what I truly believe in and would want MFVL to be recognized as one of the key organisations committed to bring in the best places to have a wholesome dining experience.

Bringing in her expertise to the culinary end of the spectrum at Glasshouse, Chef Anahita Dhondy is excited to explore sustainable menus. 

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“The menu will be global with a lot of flavours, local seasonal produce, where we want to keep the cuisine boundless. Most of the dishes at Glasshouse will be an inspiration from my journey, my travels summing up to be a perfect amalgamation of different cuisines and culture,” she explains.

According to her, the farm-to-table concept with healthy options will keep the food at Glasshouse ahead of the curve. Hoping to curate a well balanced menu, the chef intends to keep things succinct over having an extensive list.

The chef has conveyed the brand’s intent to have tie-ups with local farms and enable fair sourcing of ingredients from regions far and near. Adding the right amount of teamwork to ensure a comforting menu, Chef Anahta is equally excited about the new team at Glasshouse. What immediately stands out is the chef’s commitment to diversity, which allows for a mix of young as well as experienced talent, and a fair proportion of men and women. 

There's glass as far as the eyes go at glasshouse, offering scenic views for diners and an interesting restaurant experience
There’s glass as far as the eyes go at Glasshouse, offering scenic views for diners and an interesting restaurant experience

Dessert lovers, there’s also plans for an in-house bakery, so watch out! .

An alumni of Institute of Hotel Management Aurangabad (IHM-A) and Le Cordon Bleu; Chef Anahita began her formal kitchen training with Taj group of hotels. She kick-started her culinary journey with the concept restaurant SodaBottleOpenerWala, as a Chef Manager. From there to Glasshouse, Chef Anahita has come a long way, accumulating deserving heaps of praise for her traditional Parsi food curation, promoting the rich cuisine of India’s Zoroastrian community. 

Additionally, Chef Anahita also works towards the promotion and revival of lost recipes and regional ingredients, evident in her brand new Book, The Parsi Kitchen.

With Vishal’s aim to enhance the restaurant experience with modern twists, and Chef Anahita’s aim to ensure a healthy, well-balanced, and exciting meal, Glasshouse is sure to be a sleek dining experience to say the least.

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