The best spots to learn surfing along India’s coast

We traverse down India’s breathtaking coastline to handpick these surf schools where you can learn to ride the waves.
Surf schools in india
Let these surfing schools help you surf through India’s stunning coastline. Image: Courtesy Surfing Yogis.

Deep azure waters, frothy waves, and a balmy weather are constant on India’s impressive 7,8516-km-long coastline, making it an ideal pick for surfing. The sport may have made a relatively late entry into the country, but it sure is catching up and how. From amateurs looking for a new summertime hobby to seasoned surfers always on a lookout for surfing spots, the waves here please each one. Wondering where to start? These surf schools in India are your answer!

8 best surf schools in India

The Shaka Surf Club, Kodi Bengare, Karnataka

Surf schools in india
Shaka is helping underprivileged kids learn to surf. Image: Courtesy The Shaka Surf Club.

The word shaka means ‘to take it easy’, and The Shaka Surf Club is all about feeling the freedom in the waves. It was started by Tushar Pathiyan and Ishita Malaviya (India’s first female professional surfer) in 2007. Located in the little fishing village of Kodi Bengre near Udupi in Karnataka, this is one of India’s premier surfing training school. The thin strip of land ringed by the Suvarna River on one side and the Arabian Sea on the other, offers ample opportunities to catch the waves. Other than surfing lessons, Shaka also has a dedicated program for underprivileged youth of the local community to learn to swim and surf for free. (Starts from INR1,500).

Soul & Surf, Varkala, Kerala

Surf schools in india
Arrive here to find a balance between your body and mind with surfing and yoga sessions. Image: Courtesy Soul & Surf.

Soul & Surf is not your regular surfing outfit. Set against the backdrop of a pristine, tourist-free Varkala Beach, it offers everything from surfing lessons and an outdoor cliff-top cinema, to sunset rooftop yoga and holistic therapies. Come here to stay at their laidback beachside retreat and sample delicious Kerala food. It also gives back by offering surfing classes to village kids, supporting SISP charity, and following a sustainable plan of process. (Starts from INR5,500 for a three-day lesson program).

Surf Turf, Kovalam, Tamil Nadu

Surf schools in india
Hands-down one of the best surf schools in India! Image: Courtesy Surf Turf.

Tucked away on the Coromandel coast, Kovalam has emerged as a promising surfing destination with teal waters breaking into quality waves all year round and some of the best surf spots around India. With Surf Turf by Arun Vasu’s TT Group, enjoy the joy of riding gentle waves and stand-up paddling or kayaking on warm waters of the famous Covelong Beach. Other than Kovalam, it is also located in Mahabalipuram, Rameshwaram, and Chetpet.

Through their CSR initiative named Covelong Point, Vasu and team are also training locals to become homegrown experts for their sites. Not to forget, the three-day Covelong Festival celebrating surfing, yoga, and music that has fast become one of the most anticipated beach events in the region’s calendar. (Starts from INR1,500 for beginners’ sesson).

Surf Wala, Arambol, Goa

Surf schools in india
Experience Goa beyond its rave parties and heritage sites. Image: Courtesy Surf Wala.

This North Goa surfing outfit kicked off the surf scene in the Sunshine State in 2011 by basing itself on the popular Arambol Beach. Expect loads of beach breaks, food shacks, and hidden points waiting to be explored. With limited two sessions in a day, 1.5 hours each, Surf Wala also offers accommodation in a cosy cottage with a gorgeous garden. They offer the best in class surf equipment with experienced teachers. Also, the iconic Surf Club is right next door always brimming with surfers and forever serving delicious drinks over some good live music.

Surfing Yogis, Puri, Odisha

Surf schools in india
Let the expert yogis teach you how to ride the waves! Image: Courtesy Surfing Yogis.

The coastal town of Puri is home to Paradip Beach, a marine stretch popular for some of the longest swells India has to offer! Let the talented folks at Surfing Yogis, the same force behind The Indian Surf Festival (the country’s first global surfing carnival), guide your way as you ride on high waves, exploring far-off islands and untouched surf spots. Join their Walk On Water one-day course for beginners. (Starts from INR1,750).

Kallialay Surf School, Serenity Beach, Puducherry

Surf schools in india
Surf, sun, and lots of fun! Image: Courtesy Kallialay Surf School.

Learn to balance on surfboard and catch your own foam wave at Kallialay Surf School founded by Spanish brother duo, Juan and Samai Reboul on Serenity Beach. The two were introduced to surfing when they first arrived at Auroville in the late 90’s, and finally realised their dream of opening a surf school in 2008. Pick from private and group lessons and train with the KASS crew on smooth waves suitable for both beginners and experienced surfers. What’s more? Once done, spend your evenings in mainland Puducherry, famous for its bohemian vibe and French cafes. (Starts from INR1,500).

Flying Konkan, Devgad, Maharashtra

Surf schools in india
Not many travel to Konkan coast to surf, but when they do… Image: Courtesy Flying Konkan.

Newest kid on the block, the Konkan coast running south from Mumbai all the way to Goa. The long strip is peppered with quiet, picture-perfect fishing villages and less-crowded beaches like Devgad and Tarambri. Trust Flying Konkan here to be your guiding light on the coast as you glide on the tropical waters. And when you want to take a break from the waves, there’s a coast zipline (India’s first and Maharashtra’s longest) across the shore to keep you adrenaline pumping. (Starts from INR1,500).

A&N Surf Academy, Andaman and Nicobar

Surf schools in india
The perfect place for water babies in Andamans! Image: Courtesy A&N Surf Academy.

Little Andamans, the largest among Andaman and Nicobar islands, offers amazing waves at Kumari Point and Jackson Creek. The surfing season is shorter (March to May), but the A&N Surf Academy at the Butler Bay Beach will make sure you make the most of it. Base yourself at their cosy luxury cottage, hit the waves in the morning, and spend rest of the day fishing, cycling, kayaking, stand-up paddling, and more. You can even pick to camp on the white sands under a starry sky! (Starts from INR2,200).

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