This offbeat ocean trek in Goa must top your bucket list this summer!

An ocean trek in Goa, to the secluded Neuti Beach, takes you through mangrove forests, virgin beaches, and azure waters of the Arabian sea.
Ocean trek in goa
Set out for a unique adventure in Goa. Image: Shutterstock/KieferPix.

Traversing through towering mountains and thick mangroves, while feasting on awe-inspiring views of the majestic Arabian Sea all along and listening to the waves crashing at the shores — an ocean trek in Goa is truly one of a kind.

If you look beyond North Goa’s hedonistic pleasures and South Goa’s rich heritage, somewhere in the middle, you’d come across the soft adventure of ocean trekking that will take you to hidden gems in the Sunshine State. One such treasure is the Neuti beach. Virgin, secluded, and serene, this one is far from the touristy crowds and promises sights of natural wonders along the trail.

Ocean trek in goa
Your ocean expedition starts from Porvorim. Image: Shutterstock/Shylesh kumar.

Start your day early with a drive from Porvorim (40 mins away from Goa airport) to the Kochra-Shriramwadi, a sleepy hamlet between Malwan and Vengurla. After a hearty breakfast and set off on a hilly trail on the surrounding cliffs that run along the sea. Making your way lush mangrove forests, push through casuarina trees, trek up the low cliffs to get a rolling view of the Arabian Sea, and watch many pristine beaches and little villages settled along the banks pass by. After wading your way through a small tidal estuary, you will reach the secluded Neuti Beach.

Ocean trek in goa
The trail takes you through everything from rocky beachside to lush mangroves. Image: Courtesy The Great Next.

Slow down to take in the breathtaking view, enjoy an authentic Malwani feast at a local home, and later, dig your feet deep into the sand as you take a long stroll by the bank. You can even take a refreshing dip into the azure waters or visit the forlorn Neuti Fort that offers impressive views of the nearby Vengurla Rocks and Bhogwe Beach.

Once you are done with your expedition, simply sit down and watch the balmy coastal afternoon gently flow by, before you head back. If you are looking to do something unique on your next trip, this one-day ocean trek in Goa to Neuti Beach is where you search ends.

Ocean trek in goa
The stunning and secluded Neuti Beach. Image: Courtesy Avathi.

While there are a number of operators offering an ocean trek adventure to Neuti Beach, you can go for Neuti trek experience by The Great Next (Starts from INR2,330) or Lazy Monk Adventure (Starts from INR2,200). Avathi’s Coconut Island and Neuti Experience takes a different route from the Tsunami Island and includes kayaking in Karli River! (Starts from INR3,800).

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