Shhh… don’t tell anyone about these seven stunning secret beaches

With a coastline stretching for 6100 km on the mainland from Gujarat to West Bengal, plus + 1197 islands off the shore, India has a wealth of beautiful seaside destinations. On the 75th International Bikini Day, we bring you some bikini-worthy beaches that will enchant you with their secluded serenity.

You don’t normally associate war rationing and atomic bomb tests with a glamorous garment. Two-piece swimwear had already started making an appearance in the 1930s. But in 1946, 75 years ago today, the first bikini was born out of a paucity of fabric thanks to WW2. Louis Réard, a French fashion designer, unveiled this swimsuit made with just 30 inches of fabric with a newsprint pattern and got the popular Parisian casino dancer Micheline Bernardini to test it out in public at a local pool called the Piscine Molitor. The story goes that he tagged the two-piece a ‘bikini’ because the American’s atomic tests off the Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean were in the news that week! Prohibited in some places, songs dedicated to it in others, the bikini has caught the world’s attention in many ways and has had many avatars. Thankfully today, whether you wear a bikini or a burkini to a beach, it’s less of a political statement and more about comfortable swimwear.

beach, secluded, bikini, International Bikini Day
Pack your swimwear and head to these clean beaches with crystal-clear water and space for you to simply breathe. Image: Pexels/Wendy Hero.

Think about the garment’s colorful history on International Bikini Day and the next time you pack your bikini and head off to these lesser-known beaches along the Indian coastline. According to Booking.com whose team helped us scout some of them out, these beaches are quite accessible and have pretty places to stay at, even though they will give you the solitude you seek.

Achara Beach, Malwan, Maharashtra

While there are many stunning and yet unexplored beaches down the Konkan coast, the ones in the Sindhudurg region are, especially off the beaten track. At this beach, you can truly immerse yourself in the hyper-local and yet be left alone to commune with your inner beach spirit. There’s a lighthouse on a rocky outcrop at one end of the beach if you feel like a small climb.

Of serene sunsets and lighthouses. Video: Priya Pathiyan.

Want more? More dolphins than outsiders visit this stretch and you can rent a boat for the day to try and spot some. Also stop by the disappearing beach, which gets completely submerged with the high tide.

beach, secluded, bikini, International Bikini Day
Dock at this disappearing beach down the coast if you dare! Image: Priya Pathiyan.
The dolphins are playful and plentiful in Sindhudurg. Video: Priya Pathiyan.

Honey Beach, Ankola, Karnataka

Also known as Honnebail Beach, this one is in a small town about 29 km from its more famous cousin – Gokarna. Accessible by road or ferry across the Gangavali river, Honey Beach can be a tiny slice of your personal Paradise, with rocky hills on one side and the vast ocean on the other.

beach, secluded, bikini, International Bikini Day
Your personal Paradise. Image: Creative Commons.

Want more? Try the water sports at nearby Gokarna, where there’s everything from jet skis to parasailing and scuba dives.

Kodi Bengre Beach, Udipi, Karnataka

beach, secluded, bikini, International Bikini Day
Vistas to gladden your heart! Image: Creative Commons.

A short drive (only 18 km) from Manipal and the town of Udupi, Kodi Bengre (also called Delta Beach now) gives you the best of both sea and river views, located on a serene delta between both.

Want more? Do a village walk or book a surfing session with the Shaka Surf Club, where you can learn to ride the waves like a pro.

Marari Beach, Allepey, Kerala

Named after the fishing village of Mararikulam that it fringes, this secluded beach is the perfect destination to truly unwind. Eco-friendly resorts and luxury stays stay hidden behind the coconut groves, giving you a sense of privacy.

Want more? Visit places of worship such as the Arthunkal St Andrews Basilica and the Mararikulam Mahadeva Temple close at hand. Get a relaxing Ayurvedic massage.

beach, secluded, bikini, International Bikini Day
The local fishing boats make for great shots for the ‘gram. Image: Creative Commons.

Baludera Beach, Baratang, Andaman & Nicobar Islands

You’ll find this on the eastern side of Baratang, just nine km from Nilambur Jetty if you take the ferry. A quiet and relatively deserted beach in the Andamans offers you a tranquil idyll for sun worshipping as well as swimming.

beach, secluded, bikini, International Bikini Day
Pristine and peaceful! Image: Creative Commons.

Want more? See the stalactites and stalagmites in the Limestone Caves, visit Parrot Island to witness huge flocks of these colorful birds, or take a boat to explore the mangroves and Mud volcanoes nearby.

Talasari Beach, Baleswar, Odisha

This pristine stretch of palm-fringed soft sand is only seven km from the more famous Digha Beach and 36 km away from Jaleswar. The beach is flat and the waters here are calm, although, at high tide, you’ll need a boat to access its sequestered charms.

beach, secluded, bikini, International Bikini Day
Just you and nature. Image: Creative Commons.

Want more? If you’re there early enough, you can catch the action at the morning fish market on the quay on the beach. In February, don’t forget to spot the red and orange flowers on the cashew trees around you. The rest of the year, this is a good place to buy cashew nuts as well.

Zalor Beach, Varca, Goa

Even South Goa beaches that were relatively secluded are now being explored more fully. The good thing about Zalor is that it is – as yet – undiscovered by the holidaying hordes. It’s perfect for a restful vacation and those long languorous walks by the sea everyone is craving.  

beach, secluded, bikini, International Bikini Day
Can’t believe this is in Goa? Image: Creative Commons.

Want more? Do a tour of the San Thome Museum, a photo stop at Our Lady of Grace Church, and visit the Varca and Colva beaches.

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