Vernika Awal

Vernika Awal is a senior food writer and journalist, known for her researched based articles that feature in various national dailies and her blog - Delectable Reveries. She began working on the concept of #DelectablePunjab in 2016 through which she aimed to document the culture and cuisine from her home state of Punjab, in India and the impact of partition on the same.

Gaggan anand

‘Indian cuisine would never be westernised’: Chef Gaggan Anand

A heart-on-the-sleeve speaker who also happens to be one of India’s most immediately recognisable chefs around the world, Chef Gaggan Anand tells Traveldine about how food is like music, his unmissable food destination in Mumbai, and how Indian food will never move away from its roots.

Guava-gin cocktail

Editor’s Letter — January 27, 2023

Vernika Awal Deputy Editor Have you ever read about or heard of a restaurant, and thought if the superlative praise they were being afforded were actually warranted? Truth be told, many a…
Kunal kapur

Regional Indian to be a key food trend in 2023: Chef Kunal Kapur

In an interview with TravelDine, popular chef Kunal Kapur highlights how health is playing a big role in today’s F&B industry, and how our quest to learn more about what we eat was 2022’s biggest contribution last year.


Editor’s Letter — January 20, 2023

Vernika Awal Deputy Editor I met Chef Manish Mehrotra in early December at his acclaimed New Delhi restaurant, To say that it is cold right now across the northern Indian belt is…
Edit note

Editor’s Letter — January 13, 2023

Vernika Awal Deputy Editor I met Chef Manish Mehrotra in early December at his acclaimed New Delhi restaurant, Indian Accent. While my team took some time to set-up the scene for the…

CHO, New Delhi: A taste of Vietnam, with a view of the Qutub Minar

With a terrace looking up to the Qutub Minar in the swanky Mehrauli high street, CHO – An eatery specialising in cuisine from Vietnam, is definitely among the top date-night venues – even for the high-street ambience of Delhi’s party district.


Editor’s Letter — December 30, 2022

Vernika Awal Deputy Editor Food, as anyone studying the subject will tell you, is as much about the personalities, as what we eat. It is this that makes the food of our…
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Editor’s Letter — December 23, 2022

Vernika Awal Deputy Editor Hello there! Or should I say, ho ho ho? Well, we are just two days away from Christmas, and the festive spirit is running high as the temperatures…
Feature 2

Editor’s Letter — December 16, 2022

Vernika Awal Deputy Editor What is it about winter that fills us with inexplicable joie-de-vivre? There’s a different energy in the air, a spring in our steps, and an all-pervasive yearning for…
Feature 1

Editor’s Letter — December 9, 2022

Vernika Awal Deputy Editor So, we’re finally in December — which I feel is the best month of the year. The chilly winter breeze has started sweeping across the northern states, and…
Ripon club

Editor’s Letter — December 2, 2022

Vernika Awal Deputy Editor For all of us who’ve grown up in India, before liberalisation changed the way our country functioned, in the early 90s, eating out and being part of a…