Amrut Spectrum marks the launch of the first-ever multi-wood barrel single malt

It take a custom-built barrel exclusive to Amrut and a two-part maturation technique to create the epic flavours of Amrut Spectrum for the global platform
The single malt amrut spectrum 004 is a whiskey aged in a special custom-built cask exclusive to the brand
The single malt Amrut Spectrum 004 is a whiskey aged in a special custom-built cask exclusive to the brand

Kick start the new year with Amrut’s latest Spectrum 004 launched in India. Riding high on the response of their recent releases Amrut Fusion X, Triparva, and Neidhal, Amrut is back with their exclusive Spectrum Single Malt Whiskey.

Aged in a one-of-a-kind barrel custom-built barrel named Spectrum casks, these are exclusive to Amrut. What sets them apart is their make, comprising not one but four different types of oak staves.

For the uninitiated, a quick crash course on single-malt whiskey. Of the nine types of whiskey (or whisky, whichever spelling you may prefer), a single-malt comes from a single distillery and only contains one type of malted grain. A single-malt whiskey bottle may however include whiskey from several different casks — unless it’s a single cask whiskey. Distilleries traditionally use different aging methods, including new oak barrels, white oak barrels, charred barrels, or barrels soaked in wine or sherry for the aging process of the whiskey.

Whisky, for the past 400 years has traditionally been aged in a cask made of one type of oak wood, which lends flavour and complexities to the malt. However, Amrut wanted to experiment with a cask with four different types of wood. This however presented a unique challenge, as each oak wood stave had different thickness and properties.

The problem was addressed with an indigenous and ingenious solution; four different casks were made, each of a different type of wood, and corresponding staves were removed to be stitched together in one cask. 

To make the Spectrum 004, a two-part maturation technique has been employed. The first being the maturation of New Make spirit in an ex-Bourbon cask. Innovation follows when the spirit is transferred to the Spectrum cask, where the aged spirit is matured for the remaining period. 

Pioneers of indian single malt whiskey for over 40 years, amrut distilleries boasts a wide range of options for lovers of the spirit, with a penchant for creative techniques for the best flavours!
Pioneers of Indian single malt whiskey for over 40 years, Amrut distilleries boasts a wide range of options for lovers of the spirit, with a penchant for creative techniques for the best flavours! Image: Shutterstock

These Spectrum barrels are made with 4 different kinds of staves, fusing American and European makes. It includes the new American Oak with Char level 3, lightly toasted new French Limousin Oak, ex-Oloroso sherry staves, and ex-PX Sherry staves. The combination of old and new barrel types lends the whiskey a bit of each unique flavour profile as it ages. 

The Spectrum 004 is a testament to Amrut’s commitment to innovate and release whiskies that push the boundary. 

Commenting on the launch, Ashok Chokalingam, Head Distiller, Amrut Distilleries says, “It is one of the exciting releases from Amrut and perhaps in the whisky world. 400 years of whisky making and a novel idea of maturation on a custom-built barrel that was never done before, and the fact that it is made in India, is the icing on the cake. As a distiller, who oversaw the maturation and bottling of this particular batch, I am immensely proud of this bottling.” 

The tasting notes as specified by Ashok Chokalingam promise festive notes in the Amrut Spectrum to start 2022 off in the most premium and luxurious way possible. 


Dark Honey 


The journey begins with very strong scents of dried fruits and Christmas pudding with a near-perfect companion of coconut cream dosed with vanilla. Then an element of sticky toffee pudding with an aroma that is hard to describe and perhaps a shade of sandalwood. The phenol that is completely dusked due to the dominance of the sherry influence is mesmerising.


It is a jammy and syrupy affair. A cloud of mild spice dust that is quite lovely, it is enveloped by vanilla pudding and a creamy texture. There are juicy sultanas with an aromatic mask joined by the mildest hint of phenol and a perfect degree of wood tone. 


It is brilliantly refreshing with a minty shade and ends with a sweet tone.

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