America’s tantalising craft beer trails

America loves its beer as much as it loves its bourbon. With numerous craft breweries and beer trails, it is a paradise for beer lovers.

America’s love for good old craft beer can be seen on the streets during urban celebrations, as well as in rustic local breweries in smaller towns. Over the years, beer has become synonymous with American culture. Experiencing USA through its beer trails and highlights is a deep dive into the classic and cosmopolitan roots of American craft beer culture. With USA celebrating its National Beer Day on April 7, here are some of the best ways to cherish the legacy of craft beer through the US.

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America is a nation of craft beer lovers.
America is a nation of craft beer lovers.

Tantalising craft beer states and cities

Massachusetts is one of the first states that started beer brewing and is an icon in the history of craft beer in America. The state currently has over 60 breweries, many crafting their delicious beer from local-sourced hops and grains. To sample a range of Massachusetts microbrews, visit one of the state’s many brewpubs. An example is the Cambridge Brewing Company near the lush Harvard University campus, with more than a dozen award-winning beers on tap.

When it comes to tasting the best craft beers in America, San Diego definitely is a beer-lover’s paradise, with its award winning 100+ breweries. Stone Brewing Co. and 30th Street are two of the major beer locations in the city, serving delectable beer and food, made of locally sourced ingredients that stand out for their rich flavours.

The deschutes brewery in portland, oregon, attracts beer lovers from all over the world.
The Deschutes Brewery in Portland, Oregon, attracts beer lovers from all over the world.

Another major stop for craft beer lovers is Texas. The state has imbibed the heritage of craft beer making that was influenced by early German and Czech immigrants. San Antonio has emerged as one of the best brewing towns in all of America, and its iconic Pearl Brewery (called The Pearl by locals) is now being redeveloped as a food-centric urban neighbourhood, with a high-quality brewing programme.

Portland in Oregon, with the most breweries globally, attracts beer lovers from all over the world. Some of the most prominent breweries in the city include Deschutes Brewery, Hopworks Urban Brewery, and Ecliptic Brewing — all pioneers of craft beer brewing. From seasonal and homegrown breweries to innovative, award-winning beers, there are a host of options that are a must-try on everyone’s itinerary. If someone wants to explore even further, the Eugene Ale Trail and Bend Ale Trail are worth doing with numerous options of tasting wine, cider, spirits and kombucha.

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A beer trail through America’s West

The squatters pub in salt lake city, utah.
The Squatters Pub in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The USA provides immense opportunities for road trips, and beer trails are no exception. Start your trip to the rugged American West by flying into Great Falls, Montana, the first stop on your craft beer trail. This city sits at the meeting of the Missouri River and the Sun River and offers vast expanses of wilderness and breath-taking views. Jackson, Wyoming is your next stop and you can sample award-winning beers at Roadhouse Brewery, a must-visit, that also serves gourmet eats. At your next stop Salt Lake City, Utah, visit the all-American Uinta Brewing, which was founded in Utah in 1993. Later head over to Squatters Pub, which poured its first local beer in 1989 and is now known throughout the American West. A short drive will also take you to Park City where Wasatch Brewery awaits you. 

The craft beer trail in america's west also takes in scenic vistas like the grand teton national park in wyoming.
The craft beer trail in America’s West also takes in scenic vistas like the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

Next on the beer trail is Denver, Colorado, home to the Great American Beer Festival and some more craft breweries. Head to Fort Collins for a tour of New Belgium Brewery, the fourth-largest craft brewery in the USA. Other beer stops include Denver’s first brewpub the Wynkoop Brewing Company, the Great Divide Brewing Company, Denver Beer Company, and Coors Brewery. Drive from Denver to Albuquerque, New Mexico to sip samples of La Cumbre Brewing’s finely crafted beers. To finish on a higher note, consider visiting the industrial microbrewery Bosque Brewing. Your next stop will be the Oak Creek Brewery and Historic Barrel+Bottle House at Sedona, Arizona. Finally, after another gorgeous two-hour drive, you will arrive in the Greater Phoenix Area, where you may visit the Phoenix Brew or Four Peaks Brewery to round off your amazing adventure through one of the best beer trails in the USA.

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