Two years later, Corona Sunsets is back

With its first stop at Bengaluru, Corona Sunsets is back just in time to kick-start a refreshing summer.
There's nothing like a sunday full of indie music, and a glass of some signature corona cocktails to go with it.
There’s nothing like a Sunday full of indie music, and a glass of some signature Corona cocktails to go with it.

Ironically pushed into hiatus by the infamously eponymous pandemic, Corona Sunsets is back at last! 

If you think there’s been a lot of alcobev festivals lately, the brands are clearly just getting started. Latest to join the bandwagon are the world’s leading brewer AB InBev is back with its highly anticipated festival, just as the heat had started to get alarmingly bad. This series of the Corona Sunsets kick-started from the magnificent rooftop lounge in Bengaluru, Mirage last Sunday. As expected, the spectacular sundowner was rife with moments that offered audiences the ultimate musical experience combined with some Corona. 

Lemon in corona? Check. Now, it's time to up the game at corona sunsets!
Lemon in Corona? Check. Now, it’s time to up the game at Corona Sunsets!

As local artists showcased their craft in the form of face paints for the attendees among others, visitors can also indulge in some signature Corona cocktails. The festival comes as a welcome outdoor distraction for enthusiasts looking to disconnect from the usual routine. Beyond the views, music and vibrance, the show entertained festivalgoers with a star-studded line-up of artists such as Qrion, Clement, Apartment Upstairs and many others.

Commenting on the revival of Corona Sunsets, Vineet Sharma, Vice President, Marketing and New Business Development, AB InBev India says, “Corona has been dedicated to breaking away from the routine and embracing the outdoors because we believe that the outside is where people can truly disconnect and relax. With the country moving to some amount of normalcy, we are ecstatic to bring back our Corona Sunsets to revitalise the way we socialise. With all safety regulations strictly in place, we want to remind our Indian consumers about taking a step back from their daily routines and soak in Corona Sunsets as a way to rejuvenate their soul. We look forward to bringing Sunsets to more urban centres across India and live Life in the Magic Hour.”

There's no resisting a refreshing and cool bottle of corona while at the corona sunsets festival. Now that bangalore's had its fair share of fun, it's the rest of india's turn!
There’s no resisting a refreshing and cool bottle of Corona while at the Corona Sunsets festival. Now that Bangalore’s had its fair share of fun, it’s the rest of India’s turn!

As India remained cooped up for the most part of the last two years, Corona Sunsets comes in to rescue most from the blistering summer and mundane dailies. The brand aims to reconnect with the community that seeks to lime-in to the magic of nature, and enjoy the golden hour. 

Corona Sunsets is largely a commitment to call India to step out and create your own sunset moments. While Bengaluru had a lot of fun this time around, the festival could be coming to your city very soon! If you’re a lover of indie and electronic music, and love vibing to some with a chilled beer in hand, this is exactly what you’d been looking for.

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