The Oberoi, Bengaluru’s Wabi Sabi restaurant is the epitome of complex simplicity

Zen-like appeal, clever juxtaposition of colours, and an eclectic Pan Asian menu are the calling cards of Wabi Sabi, The Oberoi, Bengaluru’s restaurant that the well-heeled are veering towards.

Almost every experience at one of Bengaluru’s preferred Asian dining venues — Wabi Sabi — invokes its namesake Oriental philosophy. Wabi Sabi translates to ‘complexity of simplicity’. And that’s a philosophy that plays out in the interiors, the service, the menu, and even the showstopper crockery here.

Wabi sabi, the oberoi, bengaluru
The Oberoi, Bengaluru’s Wabi Sabi is a showstopper of a restaurant that appeals to your sense of aesthetics with its decor and pleases your palate with its eclectic menu. Image: Courtesy The Oberoi, Bengaluru.

Wabi Sabi’s upscale experiential vibe

It all goes back to 2019, a time when The Oberoi, Bengaluru, was drawing the blueprint to rejig two of its popular dining spaces. Le Jardin, the all-day diner was reimagined as Lapis. “The decision to relaunch Schezwan Court as Wabi Sabi was well-researched. Bengaluru’s well-heeled were looking for an upscale Pan Asian restaurant with a high experiential factor,” Pinky M Padmaraj, Senior Manager Communications, The Oberoi, Bengaluru, sums up the vision for Wabi Sabi.

Wabi sabi sashimi basket
Wabi Sabi’s Chef Bobby Recto’s Sashimi Basket is just one of the dishes at The Oberoi, Bengaluru, that will satiate your senses. Image: Courtesy The Oberoi, Bengaluru.

“We were clear that the distinctive patterns had to be evident in every experiential element,” adds Padmaraj. Whether it’s the design, the textures, the play of light, or the stark colour contrasts, the restaurant’s unique ethos stands out.

Design, décor, and dim sums at The Oberoi, Bengaluru’s Wabi Sabi

A breath-taking 24-carat gold leaf wall is the showstopper in a restaurant that is easily one of the most beautiful dining spaces in the city. From textured grey slate to tables with kintsugi inspired crockery, the restaurant is full of fascinating design elements. The soft murmur of the waterfall just outside Wabi Sabi adds to the restaurant’s Zen-like appeal.

Dim sums at wabi sabi
Japanese and Chinese cuisine is presented with unique and contemporary twists at The Oberoi, Bengaluru’s Wabi Sabi. Image: Courtesy The Oberoi, Bengaluru.

Wabi Sabi presents a clever juxtaposition of colours, sounds, textures, and forms, throughout. The food menu complements the vision. It’s a playful presentation of Japanese and Chinese cuisine with certain contemporary twists and turns. The Oberoi vision of quality combines with a selection of Chinese and Japanese favourites expertly curated by expatriate chefs.

Wabi Sabi weds traditional with contemporary

Chef David D’Souza, Wabi Sabi, The Oberoi, Bengaluru helms the restaurant. He tells us that the flavours are unique, different from what Bengaluru diners are accustomed to. “Our Yuzu truffle with crunchy tempura vegetables is a case in point. It’s the same for our spicy herb sauce that includes flavours from other cuisines but works really well with our sushi rolls.”

Nigiri platter wabi sabi
Craving a Nigiri Platter? Wabi Sabi, at The Oberoi, Bengaluru, is at your service. Image: Courtesy The Oberoi, Bengaluru.

His team doesn’t approach these cuisines with the tried and tested presentation techniques and flavours. “We use authentic ingredients that make traditional flavours and contemporary pairings come alive on your plate and palate,” he explains. Chef D’Souza also adds that consistency has played a big part in retaining guests since the restaurant launched about two years ago.

The scene-stealers at Wabi Sabi

Miso cod wabi sabi
Try the Miso Cod at Wabi Sabi for an out-of-the-world experience.
Image: Courtesy The Oberoi, Bengaluru.
  • The eclectic menu includes Sashimi and Sushi platters, dim sums, and large Asian plates in the mix.
  • A must-try is their Citrus Chocolate Crunch that combines yuzu, dark chocolate cream, and peanut butter crunch, one of the best ways to end a meal in Bengaluru.
  • An exhaustive selection of Japanese whiskeys, sakes, and fine Asian cocktails.

At a glance
Wabi Sabi, The Oberoi, Bengaluru, MG Road. Phone: (080) 2558-5858 | Meal for 2: Rs 3,500

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