Ashwin Rajagopalan

I am the proverbial slashie - a Content architect, writer, speaker and cultural intelligence coach. From tiny food stalls in India to Cold War era underground bunkers in Berlin, I’m a restless traveller who loves to keep peeling off layers in destinations across the world with a childlike curiosity. I enjoy discovering cultures and destinations through culinary motifs. I write extensively on Travel & Culture, Food & Drink, Gadgets and Trends for some of India’s premier lifestyle and news platforms.

Apple watch ultra

TD Tests: The Apple Watch Ultra

Carry your best travel companion with you on your next trip, and return with the best pictures clicked ever on a smartphone with the Google Pixel 7 Pro.

Three colors range of google pixel 7 pro.

TD Tests: The Google Pixel 7 Pro

Carry your best travel companion with you on your next trip, and return with the best pictures clicked ever on a smartphone with the Google Pixel 7 Pro.

Apple, macbook air m2, laptop, gadgets

TD Tests: The MacBook Air M2

We find that the incredibly zippy and sleek MacBook Air M2, the new laptop from Apple, is on fleek for the fast-paced traveller. We’ll cut to the chase. The MacBook Air (2022)…

Gadgets, samsung, galaxy z fold 4

TD Tests: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

We find that the GalaxyZ Fold 4, the latest from the Samsung stable, makes the strongest case for a foldable smartphone for today’s tech-savvy traveller. Don’t box the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold…

Asus zenbook, lightest laptop

TD Tests: The ASUS Zenbook S13 OLED (UM 5302)

The ASUS Zenbook S13 OLED (UM 5302) is one of the lightest laptops ever and yet a heavyweight when it comes to features. We’ve moved from virtual work models to hybrid models…

Iphone 14 pro

TD Tests: The iPhone 14 Pro Max

Here’s our take on 2022’s flagship iPhones and their enhanced capabilities. Are they worth spending some major moolah on? Find out… This year Apple’s flagship Pro devices — the iPhone 14 Pro…

Negroni week continues at the oberoi bengaluru

Negroni Week at Polo Club, The Oberoi Bengaluru

It’s time to celebrate 10 years of Negroni Week at The Oberoi Bengaluru with some special concoctions. Gin has made a stunning comeback not just globally but also in India. The Indian…

Kappa chakka kandhari palada payasam

Kappa Chakka Kandhari’s Onasadya is a feast fit for royalty

Kappa Chakka Kandhari’s Onam promotion this year is focussing on the Central Travancore Namboodiri sadya, since it resonates with Chef Regi Mathew’s own childhood experiences — and we’re not complaining. If there’s…

Pixel 6a, google pixel 6a, smartphone

TD Tests: The Google Pixel 6a smartphone

The pureplay Android experience and the stellar cam are back in India with the much-anticipated Pixel 6a. Google has played hide and seek with the Indian market with its Pixel line. but…

Travel, gadgets, travel accessories

TD Tech: Of space, sleekness, and sound

From an ultra-light, ‘out of the world’ laptop to a portable speaker to an Android tab that aces work and play, we round up some of the finest gadgets that make the…