The culinary adventures of Chef Krishna Khetle

The adorable 13-year-old who once invaded his mom’s kitchen is today a charismatic chefpreneur.

Had Oscar Wilde been alive today, he’d have written a book on Chef Krishna Khetle. His face is his autobiography: It’s full of life, laughter, and little obsessions. He has the simplest of tastes; he’s always satisfied with the best.

Chef krishna khetle
Chef Krishna Khetle

The culinary adventures of Chef Khetle began while he was 13. When Khetle was home alone, he marched into his mom’s kitchen and recreated the scrumptious ghee-laden Sheera – adishthat’straditionally served as prasad in Hindu temples.

“When my family members go back home, they took a bite of the Sheera. It was only okayish,” he laughs.

The adorable 13-year-old who once invaded his mom’s kitchen is today a charismatic chefpreneur who has helped open over 70 restaurant brands that serve the best of cuisines from across the world.

Chef Khetle’s journey began like everyone else’s. Scripting the success story took time. After graduating in 2001, Chef Khetle worked for big brands like Marriott International, Costa Cruises, Playboy India, and Mirah Hospitality. He also consulted for brands like Kailash Parbat – India, Coffee By Di Bella, and The London Curry House. The journey from a full-time employee to working for himself required him honing not just his skills, but also several personal traits.

“I must say there is no shortcut to success. To me success is when I help launch a brand and then run it consistently and win appreciation. What one needs to do is work hard, be consistent, stay focussed, maintain a positive attitude, and, of course, good karma pays you back,” he says.

Chef Khetle’s favourite projects include 1 BHK in Mumbai and Bangalore, Spice Laundry in Mumbai, Tafe – Terrace Café, Mumbai Masala Canteen – Doha Qatar, and Secret Story in Bengaluru.

Chef Khetle’s creations are also inspired by his travels. When working for Costa Cruises, he was a part of the R&D team, which gathers insights on ingredients, eating habits, and food preferences to create a local menu.

Chef Khetle has travelled to 48 countries. His favourite culinary destinations are France, Italy, and Turkey.

“In terms of food preferences today, globally people are focused on plant-based food. In India, low-waste food, elevated desserts, and flexitarian diets are trending,” says Khetle, who is on a quest to create winning brands.

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