TD Negroni special: Sarath Nair, Bar Manager, Copitas, whips up a couple of Negronis

There’s the classic Negroni, a perennial favourite. And then there are the riffs. Sarath Nair demonstrates two for us: the classic as well as a house style, the Crazy Rich Negroni from the Copitas bar at the Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru

Copitas is a destination bar on the 21st floor of the Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru. From sundowners on the terrace to late-night rounds of artisanal cocktails in the bar’s energetic interior, this is where Bengaluru comes to play.

Classic negroni
The classic Negroni

This week, Copitas is raising a toast to Negroni, the prima donna of cocktails, by hosting Negroni Week from September 16 to 19 in partnership with Campari India. On offer will be the classic Negroni, something called a Crazy Rich Negroni and the Boulevardier, a version with whisky. 

Sarath nair, bar manager, copitas, four seasons hotel bengaluru


Sarath Nair, Bar Manager, Copitas, Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru

It is with a certain fondness that Sarath talks about Copitas. “Copitas is a special place. While it has an intimate atmosphere, there’s also an air of the extraordinary. The sunsets are pure magic and the vibe is chilled out.” As Bar Manager, he is responsible for ensuring the outlet is a “must-visit destination bar”. A high-energy bar serving artisanal cocktails with a flair, Copitas focuses on shining the spotlight on local ingredients, sustainability and one of the choicest collections of white spirits with the adored Gin & Tonic firmly claiming pride of place.

“India’s cocktail scene is brimming with energy now. Forever a melting pot of ideas, there has been a recent coming of age of the beverage landscape. The creative force from this ever-evolving scene has let me draw generously for my own cocktail inspiration,” adds Sarath. 

Copitas' crazy rich negroni


Copitas’ Crazy Rich Negroni

To mark Negroni Week, we asked Sarath to whip up two Negronis for us. One is, of course, the classic version. The other is Copitas’ popular, house-style take with an infusion of banana peel, coffee (it’s Karnataka after all) and pandan leaves for some aroma. The batch cocktail has layers of complexity and is called the Crazy Rich Negroni. Watch the video to find out why!  

The stylish bar counter at copitas


The stylish bar counter at Copitas

Copitas is open from 5pm to 10pm from Thursday to Sunday. Call +91-9645669697/080-45222222 for reservations and details.

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