Sonaar Beverages launches gluten-free Billion Air Vodka

Billion Air is a premium vodka distilled in the US and bottled in India, the creation of Vrun Murpana who hails from a family of jewellers
Billion air vodka
Billion Air Vodka comes in a classy grey bottle

Vodka is a timeless base spirit for cocktails. With emerging consumer trends such as home consumption for entertainment and do-it-yourself cocktails, premium vodkas are in much demand in the Indian beverage market. Enter Billion Air Vodka, a new gluten-free vodka launched by Sonaar Beverages, a venture by Vrun Murpana whose family has been in the jewellery business for five decades. Vrun’s curiosity about alcohol and the craft behind it led him to pursue his degree in the US and start his entrepreneurial journey in 2018 at age 25.

Launched as a premium brand which uses high-quality ingredients and distilling technology, the vodka is sourced, distilled and blended in the US and bottled in India. It’s been created with a proprietary process for a smooth finish and sweet aftertaste.


What does it taste like? The vodka is characterised with light floral tones that produce a full, rounded and smooth taste of vanilla and create a soft texture on the palate with hints of spice coming through at the bottom of the glass. The six-times distilled vodka is made from 98 percent American corn and 2 percent American wheat. 

Vrun murpana, director, sonaar beverages private limited which has launched billion air vodka
Vrun Murpana, the young proprietor of Sonaar Beverages

Vrun’s vision was to offer a world-class product at an accessible price for Indian vodka drinkers. “Growing up, I noticed a lot of my friends turning away from local vodka brands due to the poor quality of the spirit. So I wanted to create a vodka that uses high-quality ingredients and distilling technology in line with the best. Billion Air is for those with a refined taste and an evolved awareness of brands. We have created a premium product, and we want to take it a step further by curating a complete drinking experience that spells style and sophistication,” says Murpana. 

“At Billion Air, we are placing more importance on the distillation process, the flavour and the purity of our liquid. We want our consumers to appreciate the provenance and quality of vodka as they develop a deeper appreciation for the category as a whole,” adds Murpana. 

Available in a 750ml bottle at an MRP of Rs 1990, the packaging is luxe, in tones of dark grey with hints of gold, making it a great gifting option. Billion Air is currently available for retail in Mumbai and Pune, but will soon be making its way to the spirit markets of Goa, New Delhi and NCR. See or their Instagram page for more information. 

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