SOCIAL’s Local Heroes IP celebrates home chefs

A new initiative from SOCIAL collaborates with local home chefs to present unique menus that draw from the country’s rich and myriad regional culinary legacy.

Long before the pandemic put focus on the home kitchen, and healthy eating became an important part of current dining trends, home chefs have played a crucial role in the dining space. Especially in the metropolises where a large part of the professional community has relied on healthy, home cooked and affordable meals to sustain fast-paced lifestyles that leave precious little time to make your own food. Now, SOCIAL, the popular all-day café and bar chain from Impresario Handmade Restaurants, has launched a new initiative – Local Heroes – that celebrates home chefs.

Social chef saurabh arora and karnivore kitchen chef kalyan gopalakrishna
SOCIAL’s City Chef Saurabh Arora (left) and home chef Kalyan Gopalakrishna of Karnivore Kitchen are collaborating to present the first edition of Local Heroes in Bengaluru.

The first edition of Local Heroes is taking off in Bengaluru, with a collaboration with home chef Kalyan Gopalakrishna’s Karnivore Kitchen. For a month, the special menu will feature non-vegetarian dishes inspired by old Bangalore Naati Oota cuisine.

Social and karnivore kitchen collab
The first Local Heroes presentation will feature a special menu with dishes inspired by Bengaluru’s Naati Oota cuisine, which originated the early 20th century.

Says Kalyan about the special menu and its creation: “I’ve always been fascinated by carnivorous food, be it meat shopping, butchering, or cooking. Growing up in Mysore, I remember ditching friends and Sunday cricket just so I could tag along with my dad for Mutton or Naati Koli shopping. While I took the plunge into the F&B industry in 2013, all the love and encouragement that I have received from the community over the years has culminated in the creation of Karnivore Kitchen, my home-based venture that I started in April 2020. So, it’s wonderful to have an opportunity to showcase my family recipes from this traditional Bangalorean cuisine via this collaboration with SOCIAL.”

SOCIAL, as part of its menu programming across its various outlets in the country, has always included regional specialties, bearing in mind local preferences. Naati Oota cuisine, which originated in the early 20th century in Bengaluru, fits in perfectly with this philosophy. Collaboration with local talent is also part of the chain’s approach that looks at unique activations which benefit the industry. Apart from providing a platform for the local home chef to exhibit their talents, a portion of the revenues from the initiative will also be shared.

The collaboration from SOCIAL’s end will be supervised by City Chef Saurabh Arora. “The Local Heroes menu in collaboration with Karnivore Kitchen has been created using authentic Old Bangalore recipes that are entirely inspired by local culture, and are nutritious, organic, and home-style. The limited period menu includes Chef Kalyan’s all-time favourite dishes, such as Chilli Pork, Bannur Mutton Palav, Karnivore Chilli Chicken, and Pork Belly Fry, to name a few.”

Of course, apart from the food, the special menu will also feature a bevy of cocktails that will use unique local ingredients such as raw mango, jamun and kokum.

The first edition of Local Heroes is on at all five SOCIAL outlets in Bengaluru until September 28, for both dine-in and delivery.

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