Smoke House Deli’s new limited edition smoked menu boasts fiery and bold flavours

The European inspired menu manages to integrate smoke into different elements of each dish. Combined with Smoke House Deli’s peculiarly familiar interiors, it’s an experience you can’t miss!
Smoke house deli pali interiors
Smoke House Deli, the iconic restuarant, just introduced a beautiful smoked food menu. Scroll below for our reveiew

What works for Smoke House Deli is their extremely hospitable staff. Straight off the bat, their warm greetings and knowledge of the menu assures you that you’re in for a good ride. 

A large dipping platter consisting several types of bread and interesting dips instantly reinforces the same. It’s essentially an evolved, almost gourmet version of a breadbasket, and who doesn’t love a good breadstick? As you pore over the exciting new menu, the calming white interiors coupled with the artistic calligraphy all over the walls makes for a comforting ambience. 

The smoke house deli menu is all about ethically sourced ingredients and a healthy yet delicious gourmet menu
The Smoke House Deli menu includes dishes made from ethically sourced ingredients.

The restaurant’s newest special smoked menu doesn’t disappoint either. Available until 12th December, the menu romanticises the flavour with the greatest attention to detail. It is a mix of intricate cooking techniques, premium quality, and wholesome products on your plate. 

Each dish has been incorporated with one or more components that are smoked. To kick start the experience, there’s the super creamy Smoked Cauliflower and Walnut Soup. The cauliflower is smoked for threee hours initially, before being cooked with milk and seasonings and is then pureed and finished. 

If you’re looking for a meat alternative, the comforting notes of the Hearty Slow Smoked Chicken and Chickpea Minestrone are not to be missed. Next up, appetizers or small plates! 

The list is fairly concise, promising well-developed flavours with the Naga Chilli Bbq Chicken Skewers, Sausage Chilli, and Roasted Mushroom & Burrata Flatbread. While the sausage chilli was fairly standard in terms of taste and presentation, it was the Naga Chilli Bbq Chicken that underwhelmed. In an attempt to cater to the spice tolerance of Mumbai’s palate, the dish has lost the very flavour profile that would have set it apart. Instead of a fiery punch to the gut, you’re met with a feeble heat at the back of your tongue that vanishes almost instantly.  

The naga chilli bbq chicken skewers are delicious in their own right, but don't hit the spice nail in the head
The Smoke House Deli Naga Chilli Bbq Chicken Skewers are delicious in their own right, but don’t hit the spice nail in the head

The mains promise comfort with a delicious twist. If the appetizers have you feeling too full, the range of sandwiches make for a delightful light dinner. The SHD Reuben holds house cured pastrami, sauerkraut, emmental cheese and deliciousness in every bite. 

For those who dare to venture into heartier terrains, there’s enough on the menu to satisfy the pickiest of eaters. Batting for the vegetarian section, it’s Smoke House Deli’s Sweet Potato and Smoked Bandel Parisienne Gnocchi that hits the brief. The pillow-like fluffy gnocchi engulfed in a light sauce is textbook. 

Seafood lovers can delight in the Smoked Whiskey Butter Baked Tiger Prawn Mac n Cheese, an elevated take on the humble American comfort food. The Glazed Pork Ribs are said to be smoked and then cooked till fork tender. However, if you prefer your ribs with a greater meat to fat ratio, you might want to give these a miss. 

Smoke house deli's glazed pork ribs are smoked until fork tender
Smoke House Deli’s Glazed Pork Ribs are smoked until fork tender

It would be criminal to not mention Smoke House Deli’s in-house Charcuterie Platter. Containing the best of the meats smoked and prepared by their chefs, it’s a great way to explore new flavours and how smoke affects meat with your loved ones. 

An indulgent end to the meal comes with the Smoked Chocolate Cheesecake served with a scoop of the in-house donnie darko ice cream. The cake itself has an almost mousse-like texture, and is an interesting experience. If chocolate isn’t the way to your heart, there’s also the Almond and Vanilla cake to sample, promising creamy comfort.

As decadent as Smoke House Deli’s new menu is, it’s the commitment to ethically sourced local ingredients that champions it all. The restaurant’s constant efforts to remain healthy, organic, and wholesome shine through here as well. It’s a guilt-free indulgence as the produce comes straight from local farms across the country.

Stroke the flames of good December vibes with this limited seasonal smoked menu at Smoke House Deli. It’s one of the few next door delis that manage to deliver global gourmet in Mumbai, and we’re here for it!

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