More than half of Gen Z and Millennial smartphone users in India are actively planning trips

The ‘Glance Spotlight on Travel 2021 Report’ decodes the travel landscape and behaviour of Indian smartphone users.
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1400+ Indian mobile users were surveyed on InMobi Pulse, a leading mobile consumer intelligence platform for this report. Image: Shutterstock/DisobeyArt.

Travel has seen a major increase in the past few months as restrictions are lifted and more people are willing to step out to visit new and old destinations. Decoding these shifting travel patterns and emerging consumer behaviours, Glance, one of the largest lock screen content platforms of India and Southeast Asia, recently conducted a survey to understand the travel landscape in 2021-22 and various preferences of its users who desired to travel. The‘Glance Spotlight on Travel 2021’ Report revealed the emerging consumer sentiment and growth trajectory of the travel industry in 2022. 

Over 1400+ Indian mobile users were surveyed on InMobi Pulse, a leading mobile consumer intelligence platform for this report. The results were targeted at and weighted in a way that was representative of India’s smartphone population. The survey was conducted between October 15 and 21, 2021. 

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A few of the Glance spotlight findings at a glance. Infographic: Courtesy Glance.

While domestic travel has taken precedence post-pandemic, one of the findings highlighted that India still prefers domestic destinations over foreign ones. Other key insights that emerged through the survey were:

  • Younger audiences are the most eager to travel with 56% within the age-group of 18-30 years actively planning trips.
  • December 2021 will witness a travel surge, with 46% of respondents planning a trip to at least one destination.
  • The most preferred type of vacation is a family vacation. They outpace solo travel or trips with friends at 37%.
  • Shorter durations for the trips are the norm as 54% of respondents stated their planned trips to be of less than a week. 
  • It is also observed that beaches are the most preferred, with 22% of respondents wishing to travel to seaside destinations.
  • For transport, flights are the most popular as 48% of respondents have stated they would rather take them than other forms of transport.

In terms of accommodation, 44% of respondents preferred luxurious accommodation. However, there has been a spike in the preference for homestays with unique experiences at 32%. Most users are looking for lucrative travel packages, especially if it includes flight and stay. Other findings through the survey reiterated the rise in shopping before travel. 

The Glance survey also revealed that 49% of respondents have pushed their travel plans to next year H1 – 2022 making it the most favourable time for the travel industry. The futuristic outlook for the Travel, Hospitality, and Aviation industry looks positive as they enter the new year. 

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