Presenting the Indie Bar by Bombay Sweet Shop

Chocolate meets mithai in a complex and indulgent bar with Bombay Sweet Shop!
The indie bar is the exciting new creation from bombay sweet shop.
The Indie Bar is an exciting new creation from Bombay Sweet Shop.

Launched on World Chocolate Day, India’s much-loved Bombay Sweet Shop presented consumers with their Indie Bar! 

So is it chocolate? Or is it mithai? Or is it everyone’s favourite classic chocolate bar reimagined with a touch of mithai traditions? Well, we all know how difficult it is to choose between the two, and so Bombay Sweet Shop’s made it easier for everyone with their latest creation! 

It’s quite literally the best of both worlds; an Indian chocolate bar layered in mithai magic and dunked in molten chocolate. Unravel the layers of mystery as you sink your teeth into this decadent, 100% vegetarian bar made of all things delicious. Imagine layers of fluffy coconut, sticky and gooey pepper caramel, melt-in-your-mouth patissa (a quintessentially Indian, crisp and flaky mithai, made with gram flour, sugar and ghee) – all wrapped in rich, 54% dark chocolate! 

India’s first authentic mix of mithai and chocolate in a bar comes together in the indie bar by bombay sweet shop.
India’s first authentic mix of mithai and chocolate in a bar comes together in the Indie Bar by Bombay Sweet Shop.

The Indie Bar combines all the best bits from the classic candy bars of our childhood. The story behind this bar is as interesting as the concept itself. And like most brilliant things, a happy coincidence. While experimenting with the Patissa, the mithai magicians at Bombay Sweet Shop had a eureka moment! 

An idea, to use the patissa’s unique crispy, flaky texture as a layer in a traditional chocolate bar! The Patissa, a traditional Indian delicacy (like the soan papdi), is made by cooking gram-flour, sugar and ghee on a slow flame until it forms a rather unique stretchable caramel consistency. This exceeding hot mixture is then deftly hand-pulled by our expert mithai magicians to form fine, flaky, crunchy, fibres that simply melt in the mouth.

A bunch of interesting layers, each as delightful as the next, awaits you with the indie bar.
A bunch of interesting layers, each as delightful as the next, awaits you with the Indie Bar.

And that is just one of the many layers in the exciting Indie Bar, which all come together like a perfect symphony. Take a bite and be wowed by every layer of textures – fluffy coconut, crunchy patissa, chewy caramel and chunky chocolate. 

If it’s as sinfully indulgent as it sounds, what more does one need? Taking it to the next level is the thin layer of gold foil enveloping the bar. Peel it off and dive right in to experience the delightful textures and layers of this truly enjoyable chocolate-mithai bar. 

What sets it apart is the juxtaposing flavours that are familiar yet surprising – generously stuffed and quintessentially Indian. It’s a great size for a quick bite and a sweet escape of indulgence without making you feel guilty. Packed aesthetically in red and gold, the Indie Bar is the answer to all kinds of sweet cravings. Apart from devouring it yourself, you can share the happy little snack with a loved one to make a regular day special, or even send it as a gift of sweetness with the gorgeously packed gift box of 4 Indie Bars.

Concocted at Bombay Sweet Shop’s self-proclaimed Willy Wonka-esque mithai factory, you can grab as many bars as you’d like at the store in Byculla. Or simply order online on their website to have it delivered home to you across select cities in India.

This one’s definitely going to have you reaching out to grab one more! 

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