Coffeeza launches 4 different recyclable coffee capsules

Coffee drinkers can now savour their cuppa guilt-free with the launch of Coffeeza’s recyclable aluminium capsules.
Coffeeza's latest range consists of 4 variants of recyclable aluminium capsules.
Coffeeza’s latest range consists of 4 variants of recyclable aluminium capsules.

Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee? Never mind that. If you do love a quick brew that doesn’t compromise on quality, then Coffeeza’s here to help out! 

An established market leader in the coffee capsules and its machines space, the gourmet brand has now launched a recyclable aluminium capsules range. These can be used to make espresso and other café-style beverages like cappuccino and latte when used with a compatible coffee machine. 

If you know your brews, you know that ground coffee left in the open loses its flavour as a result of oxidation. With their latest range, Coffeeza swerves around that. In using aluminium for their capsules, they’re using the only material available which has full-proof oxygen barrier properties. Hence, it preserves the freshness and aroma of the coffee grounds giving the capsules a shelf life of 18 months. This ensures that the extracted coffee has the best of all three: rich crema, invigorating aroma and indulgent taste. What’s more, they’re also easily recyclable, making them a great everyday choice. 

Coffeeza's aluminium capsules are bound to be a game-changer.
Coffeeza’s aluminium capsules are bound to be a game-changer.

“The aluminium capsules are going to be a game-changer! As a brand, we understand how important it is for our busy customers to enjoy their break-time moments. That’s the reason we’ve worked hard to launch these new capsules. Not only do these look beautiful, they also promise to deliver the most indulgent tasting cup every single time. We are also excited about this transition towards a more environment-friendly solution and this move reinforces our commitment towards sustainability,” says Rahul Aggarwal, Founder of Coffeeza. 

Specially curated using premium-grade Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, the Coffeeza capsules come in 4 variants namely;

Classico: An exquisite blend composed of high-grown Arabicas. It displays medium-body balanced notes of orange blossom and a distinct apricot sweetness complemented by hints of cardamom & nutmeg. Intensity 6.

Cremoso: A creamy, buttery blend with delicate citrus notes that exhibits enchanting aromas of raisins & orange peel. It gives a rich, smooth mouthfeel & a lingering aftertaste of chocolate. Intensity 8. 

Intenso: A full-bodied blend, crafted to deliver a long-lasting & rich flavour with notes of blueberries & strong dark chocolate. The aftertaste is lingering & rich, displaying subtle hints of dried tropical fruits. Intensity 10. 

Forte: An exquisitely crafted, full-bodied, punchy dark roast coffee, that displays notes of milk chocolate & walnut with an underlying hint of malt. Intensity 12. 

Thanks to coffeeza, you can now have a quick brew that comes in a recyclable capsule.
Thanks to Coffeeza, you can now have a quick brew that comes in a recyclable capsule.

Coffeeza is currently manufacturing these products at its state-of-the-art plant in Goa, where the staff are required to follow stringent quality and hygiene practices. In the recycling vein, the brand also has a fantastic recycling program wherein it recycles more than it produces. 

“Capsule design and technology play a vital role in creating a superior coffee experience. Our aluminium capsules are truly world-class and these ensure that the actual aromas and flavours of our exceptional coffee blends can be savoured,” adds Rahul. 

The aluminium capsules are compatible with all Nespresso Original line machines and generally speaking, are gentler on the machines as compared to other kinds of capsules. Available in boxes of 10, grab yours on their website or any popular e-commerce platform! 

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