Mumbai’s about to get Frosted with a delicious array of bite-sized cupcakes, cookies, and brownies!

The cutest bite-sized cupcakes and a whole host of delicious desserts have made their way to Mumbai, Frosted style
Craving delicious cupcakes? These bite-sized pieces of indulgence are now available at frosted mumbai
Craving delicious cupcakes? These bite-sized pieces of indulgence are now available at Frosted Mumbai

Having established a delicious dessert haven in Delhi NCR, it’s Mumbai’s turn to try out some Frosted treats! 

From birthdays to baby showers to every festival under the sun, there’s nothing like the indulgence of desserts to make things that much sweeter. And with Frosted, you get exactly that, in the cutest little packages to boot! 

The brand is a labour of love by mother-daughter duo Guneeta and Sehr Taneja respectively. While mom Guneeta brings 30 years of culinary expertise to the table, the latter adds the much-needed creative touch to the modern confections. Currently leading a dedicated team of efficient and dessert-loving women, the two have managed to raise their first round of funds for expansion. Together, they’re making sure that each box of Frosted cupcakes spreads unparalleled love and happiness.

(l-r) founders sehr taneja and guneet taneja are the dream mother-daughter team for dessert lovers!
(L-R) Sehr Taneja and Guneet Taneja, the founders of Frosted, are the dream mother-daughter team for dessert lovers!

It’s the heartwarming origin story of Frosted that reflects in their commitment to making special moments sweeter today. Enveloped in blankets of fear and stagnancy during the pandemic, Sehr found respite in her mother’s decadent baked goodies. In a house of fitness enthusiasts with a sweet tooth, Guneeta successfully managed to craft treats that were just the right size, allowing her family some guilt-free pleasure. 

As Guneeta and Sehr came together in their celebration of every moment over bite-sized cupcakes, it turned into a celebration of their bond. With the friendship and arguments getting proportionally intense, it wasn’t long before the brand’s genesis came about. And over one such chat with a cupcake in their hands, October 2020 saw the pair’s dreams transcend into the sweet and comfortable Frosted we now know. 

Frosted specializes in preparing delicious mini-cupcakes that are packed with flavour, colour and love. If they’ve managed to curate personalized experiences that make for incomparable gifts to loved ones or yourself, that’s their job done. 

When the cupcake's frosted this good, nobody's asking what the occassion is.
When the cupcake’s Frosted this good, nobody’s asking what the occassion is.

Their constant experiements and innovations keep things interesting for both the duo as well as their sweet toothed customers. Constantly brimming with new flavours and products, their latest additions include a range of cupcakes comprising the team’s favourite flavours. 

Coming to Mumbai on the metaphorical eve of Valentine’s Day, Frosted is the dream gift for couples and anyone looking for a little self-love. Available in boxes of 6, 12 and 24, the mini cupcakes make for the perfect guilt-free indulgence. They come in a range of playful flavours, including Choco-chip cookie dough, Mars, Twix, Rocher, Lotus Biscoff and Oreo Crumble. They’ve managed to tick the basics off, and add a flair of their own to it all as well.

The best part – you can personalize it all! Pick the flavours that pique your interest, add a handwritten note and a picture of you and your loved one. If their lovely cupcakes weren’t enough, there’s a whole range of delicious cookies to look forward to very soon.

“Our idea is simple – we’re here to celebrate relationships. To celebrate the people that make each moment special (now now, isn’t that the great lesson we’ve got from COVID!). The ones that make us laugh a little louder and smile a little wider. The ones who lift us up,” say the mother-daughter dream team. 

Frosted began with the celebration of the bond of a mother and daughter, and continues to spread love and special experiences through delicious cupcakes. All of the sinful scrumptiousness, and none of the guilt. Enough said.

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