A Holi smack full of gujia and thandai thanks to Khoya’s latest hampers

The bespoke mithai brand Khoya is back to get Holi off on the right note. Between the gujia, colours, and thandai, this is sure to be a deliciously intoxicating festival!
Khoya's extravagant holi hamper comes with three different flavours of gujia, colours from phool, and a bottle of their thandai mixture!
Khoya’s extravagant Holi hamper comes with three different flavours of gujia, colours from Phool, and a bottle of their Thandai mixture!

Born in 2016 of nostalgia for what’s considered real mithai, Khoya is the literal sweet spot of natural ingredients and traditional recipes. 

Brainchild of Sid Mathur, a well-known personality in the F&B Industry, Khoya aims to restore traditional Indian mithai to all its glory. Even as globalisation and food trends have most people leaning towards desserts like cupcakes, cookies, choux, and more, there’s always going to be a soft and special place in our hearts for Indian mithai

And what better time to celebrate the same sweetness than Holi? Add some colourful and indulgent new mithai to your Holi with a line-up of exquisite sweets from Khoya. Their specially curated Holi hampers feature a variety of traditional Chandrakala Gujias, the star of the show. 

A variety of traditional chandrakala gujias, namely classic khoya, walnut, and coconut await you this holi.
A variety of traditional Chandrakala Gujias, namely Classic Khoya, Walnut, and Coconut await you this Holi.

Khoya’s Box of 9 is available in 3 delicious flavours, namely Classic Khoya, Walnut, and Coconut. Using only fresh and 100% natural ingredients, these capture the essence of true Indian traditional sweets. Each piece is carefully handcrafted, tastefully arranged, and beautifully packaged to create an exquisite box of mithai for the perfect Holi gift! 

Relish the rich taste of Classic Khoya, which comes with a scrumptious filling of fresh khoya, dry fruits, saffron and toasted desiccated coconut. What makes the classic khoya a timeless sweet is its soft and juicy texture that comes from the gujia being lightly soaked in a sugar syrup. Walnut lovers will find their perfect match with the Walnut gujias. They’re the perfect dessert option for those who like a bit of earthy notes, thanks to the roasted walnuts giving it a distinct and unique flavour. And of course, there’s always a crowd for coconut in mithai. The Coconut gujias are here to give your tastebuds a refreshing change with a filling of cashew paste, khoya, pistachio and lightly toasted coconut.

It's always thandai-o-clock this holi thanks to khoya.
It’s always Thandai-o-clock this Holi thanks to Khoya.

For an extravagant gift to loved ones this Holi, Khoya’s exclusive Large Holi Hamper is a no-brainer! The box includes Khoya’s Classic Chandrakala Gujias in 3 delicious flavours, a set of 4 organic colours by Phool, and a jar of refreshing Thandai powder. 

What makes each mithai at Khoya truly special is its unique history, which makes each bite meaningful. Every mithai is researched meticulously, the processes are then refined and a series of trials are commenced upon. All the recipes are made with organic sugar, and no preservatives or artificial colours are used in the kitchen.

As a Holi special, Khoya also has their Holi Special Thandai Mix. The rich house made blend of thandai is packed with almonds, pista, khas khas and a mix of spices such as black pepper, cardamom and fennel.

Available for order through phone or their website, these special hampers by Khoya are sure to make for the perfect Holi-day gift this season! 

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