Justbe Resto Café’s health food that loves you back

One of the healthiest restaurants in Bangalore, Justbe Resto Café is now home delivering delicious, guilt-free fare.

With Work From Home schedules back in force, travel hassles and night curfews, we’re spending a lot more time indoors. The increasingly sedentary lifestyle underlines how important it is to eat right, or we run the risk of gaining those extra pounds. Nutritionist, health coach, food therapist and sound healer Nidhi Sogani Nahata is the founder of Justbe Resto Café, India’s first, whole food, plant-based restaurant. Nidhi and her team of chefs have curated an appetising, healthy, plant-based menu. Justbe, one of the healthiest restaurants in Bangalore, is now delivering delectable meals to your doorstep that are, astonishingly, zero oil with no added sugar. If you love good food, this is food that loves you back! You can taste good health right in the comfort of your home… 

Justbe's delicious and healthy potato and leek soup.
Justbe’s delicious and healthy Potato and Leek Soup.

We curiously opened our Justbe hamper to see an array of neatly labelled boxes in eco-friendly, spill-proof packaging. First up was a hearty, comforting Potato Leek Soup. Leeks are packed with beta-carotene, which converts into vitamin A in the body — a vitamin critical for cellular regeneration and clear skin. It also reduces inflammation, balances blood sugar levels and gives better gut health. The Classic Guava Salad was interesting with crunchy green guavas in a tangy flavour. Guavas are a big immunity booster and improve the sodium and potassium balance of the body. Chhole Tikki, a quintessential Punjabi chaat dish that can be an artery clogger, came with a baked mixed vegetable tikki with oil-free chhole! Needless to say, it was a guilt-free indulgence. The Papdi Chaat had baked papdi, plant-based curd and homemade chaat masala garnished with sprouts and microgreens. 

Justbe's paid chaat, like everything on the menu, is completely oil free.
Justbe’s Papdi Chaat, like everything on the menu, is completely oil free.

Every dish that normally comes loaded with carbs had been given a health twist. Parathe Wali Gully thali included Palak Paratha, Kali Dal that had no malai, no makkhan, no ghee, no oil and Malai Aloo without any dairy malai! Not to mention Nawabi, a vegetable biryani garnished with onions and nuts and served with plant-based fat-free raita! The Beet Carrot Halwa is rich, creamy and delicious without any ghee, milk or sugar added, enjoyed with a sprinkling of gond (edible gum) and almond slivers. The beverages too came with a shot of goodness — Butter Mylk is a plant-based probiotic beverage with freshly ground Indian spices; you won’t be able to tell the difference from regular chhaach. Pink Nimbu Paani is made of beetroot juice and Kolkata’s special masala and mineral-rich jaggery. What sorcery is this?

Justbe's delectable nawabi veg biryani.
Justbe’s delectable Nawabi Veg Biryani.

All the recipes are based on deep research and the ingredients are fresh and homemade as no preservatives are used in the kitchen. Nidhi is a passionate advocate of healthy eating and has devoted hours into research and conceptualising the cuisine at Justbe. The ingredients are combined cleverly and achieve the perfect consistency and flavour. How does she do it? Nidhi divulges that instead of regular cream that’s fattening, she uses nut and cashew butters as emulsifiers, the milk is plant-based while jaggery replaces all refined sugar for desserts. Everything is vegan, healthy, gluten-free, sans oil and has zero refined or synthetic ingredients! At Justbe’s kitchen, all hygiene protocols are followed strictly during the preparation and packaging of food.

The delicious gajar halwa at justbe resto café.
The delicious gajar halwa at Justbe Resto Café.

The menu features other lip-smacking dishes like Matunga Toast, tangy Khata Kachori from Ajmer, the comforting Good Ol’ Mac & Cheese with whole wheat pasta and smoked cheese and red peppers, Chef’s Special Pizzas made with whole wheat and a scrumptious baked nachos platter called Let’s Nacho. Dishes bear intriguing names like Enchanting — methi nachos with tulsi salsa, almond cheese dip, guacamole and picked veggies, wholesome Superfood Bowls like Amigo — quinoa salad with leafy greens, creamy broccoli almandine, asparagus, flaxseed, marinated avocado, dates, cherry tomato compote, Verdure Pie — a take on Shepherd’s Pie with mashed potatoes, ratatouille, herbs and walnuts, and home-style stews besides hot curries like Melting Pot and Soi — Thai curry with raw banana, baby corn, eggplant with brown rice and Dead Sea — chickpea stew with prunes, veggies, olives served with saffron couscous. 

Justbe founder, Nidhi Sogani Nahata, explains what it’s all about.


Our previous visits to Justbe Café left us floored. Right from its impressive chic interiors to its innovative takes on standard dishes and wizardry in achieving flavours and textures that were unimaginable without regular dairy products, they had it sorted. And now, the new menu that has been conjured is an explosion of flavours and the perfect amalgamation of wellness and a holistic lifestyle. Vegans and vegetarians never had it better… and meat lovers have a chance at cleansing! Not to mention, guilt-free desserts like Sizzling Brownie Sandwich, Mud Bites, Crillon Pie, Hemp and Mix Seed Bar and more. So, stay at home, stay safe and eat food that “loves you back!” ‘Justbe’ at Home! 

Justbe Resto Café, 383/31, Ground and First Floor, 13th Cross Rd, Sadashiva Nagar, Armane Nagar, Bangalore

Ph: +91-95138404561 

Timings: 11 am – 10 pm

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