Nutridock packs a punch with its healthy meals

The cloud kitchen brand has just entered Mumbai and is serving up healthy, vegetarian meals. First impressions of the tasting menu are promising.

Healthy eating is no longer a passing fad. From being the exclusive territory of athletes, fitness experts and other professionals required to maintain a strict nutrition regime, healthy eating has been gradually adopted by many, owing to greater awareness. While pre-pandemic there were already a large number of takers, since Covid-19 swept the planet, there has been a sharp rise in the number of people gravitating towards healthy diets, a natural consequence of the increased focus on wellness. Nutridock is a new cloud kitchen brand that is looking to capitalise on the popularity of healthy eating and food delivery services, trends which have gained considerable traction in recent years. With its origins in Nashik, the brand is now looking to expand across Mumbai.

Founded by Aditya Bafna, an entrepreneur who has considerable experience in the fitness sector and has been associated with brands such as Asics, Speedo and Giant, Nutridock aims to provide healthy, vegetarian meals that not only provide necessary nutrition but are also delicious. The man behind the menu is Chef Rakesh Talwar, a veteran of the industry known for innovation. Currently, the menu has offerings such as bowls, wraps, salads, sandwiches, juices and smoothies, while the brand promises new introductions periodically.

Nutridock food menu
The man behind the menu of Nutridock is Chef Rakesh Talwar, an industry veteran known for his innovations. Each item on the menu comes with a calorie count, allowing diners to keep track of their diet.

I had the opportunity to sample a tasting menu from Nutridock, and arriving on a Friday, it served as the perfect way to strike a balance with the indulgence usually associated with weekends. The packaging itself was done well, with no spills anywhere. As the brand is a new entrant in the city and possibly still in the process of finalising operations, I suspect (and hope) the plastics used in packaging is only a temporary measure.

The tasting menu comprised Moroccan Cottage Cheese wrap, Thai Meal bowl and Peanut Butter Apple smoothie. The wrap made for an interesting bite, with the lettuce lending a delightful crunch and pairing well with the soft and succulent cottage cheese. What was commendable was the layering of the various ingredients, with the textures and tastes changing as I made my way from the top to the bottom of the wrap. And while the wrap was all about discovery, the Thai Meal bowl was all about comfort. A piping bowl of veggies swimming around in Thai curry goodness, went great with the slightly chewy brown rice, and the textures transported me to comfort food heaven. The sharp taste of the kimchi served as a great contrast. To end the meal, the smoothie was just the right amount of sweet and provided dessert indulgence without any of the guilt. In fact, as much as I enjoyed the food, perhaps what was even more comforting was knowing the exact calorie intake with the meal, which stood at 1442Kcal.

The best part about the smoothies is that they make for that perfect sweet indulgence without any of the guilt.

Along with the advantage of knowing exactly how many calories you’re consuming with every item on the menu, Nutridock also plans to start subscription meal plans soon. This will not only allow users to customise and keep track of their diet, but also enable them to edit individual meals. Orders can be placed directly on the website or through aggregator platforms such as Zomato and Swiggy.

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