Explore the best of plant-based protein with Evolved Foods’ latest launches

With two exciting new variants, Evolved Foods just made plant-based food a lot more accessible for daily cooking
Major brands like nestle have launched their own plant-based meat patties, making veganism accessible and delicious as a lifestyle. Image: unsplash/likemeat
Major brands like Nestle have launched their own plant-based meat patties, making veganism accessible and delicious as a lifestyle. Image: Unsplash/likemeat

As veganism and plant-based lifestyles continue to trend, brands and restaurants continue to hop on the bandwagon. Whether you may be on board or not, you can’t deny some of the delicious alternatives that have come off the non-meat lifestyle. Bangalore-based Evolved Foods is ready to knock it out the park with two new launches.

Their pledge to make a sustainable alternative to meat more accessible, has manifested in the form of 2 variants, the Plant Protein and Plant Meat. Plant-based substitutes for paneer and chicken respectively, these are versatile to cook with, and supplement the lack of healthy protein in one’s diet.

Co-founded by Pradeep Rao and Roma Roy Choudhury, Evolved Foods has consistently maintained their position in the ready-to-cook category with some interesting plant-based ingredients. Their motto to provide food that’s healthy for both consumers and the environment is hard to refute, especially when the offerings are as delicious as they sound. 

Delicious, protein rich and offering the same texture as meat and paneer, the 100% plant-based ingredients are great substitutes in everyday cooking. Texture wise, the Plant Protein is firm and non-chewy whereas the Plant Meat is chunkier and chewier, replicating the exact feel of the animal protein products. 

The latest plant-based offerings from evolved foods are delicious low-fat replacements for paneer and meat, without compromising on the protein and fiber content
The latest plant-based offerings from Evolved Foods are delicious low-fat replacements for paneer and meat, without compromising on the protein and fiber content

Even if veganism isn’t exactly at the top of your culinary mindset, the pandemic has seen a slow but steady shift to wellness based eating. In the same vein, Evolved Foods offers low carb, low fat, no trans fat, and 0 cholesterol products. These revolutionary plant-based goods are designed with an aim to improve both the taste and the overall experience of replacing animal protein, with an ingredient that’s lower in fat and maintains a higher fibre content.

As the resurging pandemic continues to force people into their kitchens for safer meal options, these plant-based products from Evolved Foods offer a range of experimental options. From quintessential traditional Indian dishes including Malabar style Biryani, Rajasthani Laal Maas, Kashmiri Kofta and classic Mangalorean Sukka to continental dishes such as Pastas, Burgers and Plant Oyster Chillies, the products offer a plethora of options for budding and experienced cooks alike.

While it’s highly unlikely that people shift to an entirely vegetarian or plant-based diet, there’s been a significant increase in the consumption of meatless meat. The plant-based meat industry is on the cusp of something big, with brands of a similar ideology as Evolved Foods mushrooming across India as well as globally. 

Climate conscious food lovers are also fast moving to adopt a plant-based diet, or at least incorporate some version of it. As far as statistics go, 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from animal agriculture. Animal agriculture is also one of the leading causes of deforestation, loss of biodiversity and water pollution. At Evolved Foods, they strive to use less water and resources in the creation of the final product, without compromising on the meaty taste everyone loves. 

Given India’s large meat consumption and resultant unregulated animal farming, there’s plenty of room for environmental disaster. Therefore the emergence of plant-based brands like Evolved Foods at least in urban cities is a ray of hope for the climate and the environment on the whole. 

Globally, the plant-based meat market is expected to reach 3290 million USD by 2025, witnessing a growth of 12% over 5 years. This growth can be attributed to an increase in the number of people following plant-based diets worldwide, alongside health and environmental concerns. 

By cashing in on the emerging sector and keeping up with food trends, Evolved Foods is ensuring that people everywhere have the option to at least sample, if not stick to, the possibilities of meatless meat.

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