All you need to know about the ongoing Jaisalmer Desert Festival!

Vibrant days and glistening nights against the backdrop of sandy dunes paint the perfect picture at Jaisalmer Desert Festival.

What do you get when you put together an endless desert outback, breezy nights, and unlimited surprises like camel polo and folk recitals? The incredible Jaisalmer Desert Festival! The annual festival is held with great pomp and show right in the middle of sandy Thar dunes in Rajasthan’s ‘golden city’.

Jaisalmer desert festival
Decked up camels ready for a race. Image: Shutterstock/OlegD.

The entire city of Jaisalmer is decked up in myriad shades and the magnificently lit Jaisalmer Fort is a sight to behold. Organised by Rajasthan Tourism and District Administration, Jaisalmer, the festival began in Pokhran, with a ceremonial procession on February 13, followed by desert safaris, competitions, and performances by local and global artists across multiple locations including Khuri, Gadsisar Lake, Lanela Rann, Kuldhara, and Sam Dunes.

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Jaisalmer desert festival
Local artists performing at the desert carnival. Image: Shutterstock/RUPAK_DAS.

The four-day-long extravaganza offers a glimpse into the traditional of Rajasthani culture, while taking you through a host of unexpected surprises, including folk dances, musical nights, camel safari, puppet shows, handicraft fairs, along with interesting pageants.

Jaisalmer desert festival
A host of interesting events and competitions take place during the four-day festival. Image: Shutterstock/Radiokafka.

Think unusual competitions like best camel decoration, turban-tying, best moustache, camel polo, tug of war, matka (pot) race, and more! Expect to see gorgeous sand art at the Shaheed Poonam Singh Stadium. The otherwise deserted site of Sam Dunes will come to life at night with performances by celebrity artists like Padamshree Anwar Khan Baiyan, Desert Symphony — a soulful Sufi soiree by singer Javed Ali, and spectacular firework displays.

Jaisalmer desert festival
The bigger the moustache, the better the chance to win! Image: Shutterstock/The Maberhood.

Jaisalmer Desert Festival will go on till February 16. The state tourism board is also organising the Jalore Mahotsav from February 15 to 17, in the lesser-known town of Jalore.

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